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Kirby115 Apr 1, 2012

Solid. I'm currently watching Lupin III S2 (red jacket) and Major, the baseball anime. I've already seen a fair chunk of Lupin III S2, but I plan on seeing all the episodes, then S3, and then all the rest of the movies/specials.

Major's actually incredibly intense and until just a few months ago when I watched Hikaru no Go and then Hajime no Ippo, I didn't think that sports anime could rival shounen at all.

To be honest, I'm on the same boat as you with One Piece, although, I'd say I watched 2 or 3 past the one you're on. Either way, I guess Fishman Island just isn't interesting, even though the New World is probably gonna live up to its hype.

Lemme know if those series you plan on watching are any good. Talk to ya later =P

Kirby115 Mar 30, 2012

Heya! It's been a while since I've heard from ya. How are your anime exploits goin'? =P

FreddyCrab Jan 23, 2012

Ooh that sounds good! :P I'll most definitely do that X3 Thankyouuuu!! :D I bet I'll love One Piece :3

FreddyCrab Jan 21, 2012

Hiya! ^^ Thanks for all the recommendations! :D I'll definitely try them all out :P I'd heard about One Piece being really great, but I just thought ''Isn't there about 600 episodes of it?'' and I'm very lazy so I think I'd find that a struggle xD I'll give it a go though since its a classic :P

I'll try Code Geass too, aah yeah I hopefully wont mind mecha when it doesn't overtake the whole show xD

Jigoku Shoujo?  I do recall having that one my want-to-watch list I think :D Any horro shows are welcome after all! ^^

Thanks a lot :P I bet I'll love these shows XD

surferkiss Dec 29, 2011

really how dissappionting i wonder if they are doing this just to quickly get to the new ending which i hope will be better than the last

at this rate the final episode count for hxh 2011 will be alot less than than hxh  whih is dissappionting ut im sure they are doing this so that they can just skip to the end part quickly i think the whole point for hxh 2011 was to fix the ending do u agree?

thx again and good luck in 2012 let it be a great anime year < i hope XD >