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My thoughts on Hunter X Hunter (2011)

10 OCT

I don't follow anime news that much, but when I heard that Hunter X Hunter was going to be remade, I was very excited. The reason I was excited was the thought that maybe now they will continue the story and give the show a proper ending.

I loved Hunter X Hunter, but the whole crash ending after Greed Island was seriously disappointing. I remember that I had to check the manga if it was supposed to end that way. Turns out it wasn't. There were some underlying reasons why they went for that however, so my anger was soon extinquished.

Now, after having watched the first 2 episodes, I have to say I am both excited and scared. The reasons why I am excited is that the show has a very good quality. The voicecast is excellent. Kurapica and Leorio both sound exactly right and Gon sounds like a kid that he is. The animation quality is also very good and the story seems to follow the manga without taking too many liberties.

And therein lies the problem. I never read the manga, so my expectations come only from the original show. For this blog however, I did read the first few chapters and noticed how different the manga was in style. There was something almost futuristic about the setting in the manga that didn't come across in the original show (besides Greed Island). And for some reason, the manga was a bit offputting. But at least the events were more or less the same. Truthfully, I prefer the original show over the manga.

The reason I am a bit scared that the new show will mess things up is because of how much they skipped in the first episode. I am not talking about the filler the original show added, but the entire part about Kaito (or Kite) and the Kitsuneguma. In my opinion those events were very essential to Gon's character as it server as a catalyst for Gon's decision to become a Hunter. It seems like they rushed over the entire Whale Island content just so we can get to the exam as soon as possible. None of the struggle Gon faced was shown and all the emotional good parts were left out. Why?

I also liked how the original show used it's fillers to expand the story rather than hinder it. The part with the fake Hunter and the captured animals in the original show not only showed us how well Gon got along with animals, but I also showed Gon that the world is savage and ruthless. I mean, almost immediately Gon's innocence is taken advantage of and he is nearly sold into slavery. Now I am sure, he could have easily gotten out of the situation, but the events did introduce us to Leorio's selflessness that he tries so hard to keep hidden.

Oh and lets not forget about the music. Hunter X Hunter had one of the most beatiful soundtracks ever, but the new show has a generic, boring soundtrack that hardly even contributes to the events.

Now, as I mentioned, I have only watched the first 2 episodes thus far. The show can overcome all those gripes I have. Maybe the events of Whale Island are shown in a flashback episode. And maybe the music improves from here on out. Only time will tell, but however good or bad this show will be, I'll be watching it very carefully. And praying for an expansion of the storyline and a better ending.

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surferkiss avatar surferkiss
Dec 28, 2011

i agree the ending was so dissappointing i was like ummmm what happen he just finds his dad like that dont think so i mean really jezzzz well great gob and hope u enjoy and comment farther on the fact im trying to decide if it is worth watching the whole thing or just thr new ending well anyway thxs

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