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Saiunkoku Monogatari 1st and 2nd Season

18 JUN

Well I just finished these 2 seasons.  I have to say I absolutely LOVE Saiunkoku Monogatari but the ending is not what I expected.  After the first season I was completely in love with Saiunkoku so I decided to watch the 2nd season.  The ending to the 2nd season is soooo irritating.  You can't introduce the new evil family (The Sa family was the evil family in the 1st season) and then bring in a bunch of drama in the last like 5 episodes and then end it.  I couldn't believe it.  They start to hint at all of this Ou Ki stuff about him wanting to be emporer and then during one of the meeting or whatever with everyone there Ou Ki and Ryuuki stare/glare at each other for a few seconds.  I was on the edge of my seet thinking something was going to happen.  Then you spend all 78 episodes from the 1st and 2nd season thinking that 'omg Ryuuki and Shuurie will finally be together!!!!' and then you get.......dun dun duuuun '[Ryuuki]Let's make it a game.  If you accept my proposal before a certain time I win if you don't then I will marry someone else. [Shurrie] ok what's the time limit. [Ryuuki]*leans forward*' aaaand ENDING SONG!!!!! ARGH!!!!!! I can't believe they can just drop you like that.  I think possibly I could have been ok with that ending if I found out the manga and the light novels ending like that but the light novels go far beyond the anime.  And of course there are no english translations of the light novels from the begining and so I have no way of finishing Saiunkoku to see what happens.  I know a bit of what happens from spoilers I've read but still it's not the same.  But the part that irritates me the most is that they introduce all of this conflict into the 2nd season and they don't resolve any of it and why in the heck would you introduce a new 'bad guy' in the last few episodes!  They really need a 3rd season but from what I've heard we probably won't get one.  Some say we might most say we won't so I'll go with the won't votes.  I love Saiunkoku Monogatari with it's beautiful characters and the story line it has but the ending for the 2nd season is a complete fail.  It leaves to much open and makes you think there is a 3rd season but I've heard no news of a 3rd season coming.  So throwing aside the complete fail of an ending Saiunkoku Monogatari is an awesome anime and I LOVE it!!

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