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As hilarious as this will seem coming from a diehard horror/action anime fan, I LOVE Ouran High School Host Club. The manga was better thought out, story wise, but the anime flows and is understandable. Though I don't appreciate the attempt to change the ending, but it leaves plenty of room for a second season if that should happen. The plot progression is pretty typical. While the characters are stay pretty strictly to their archetypes, Bisco has though them out very well and has given them their own unique qualities. The twins being the best example of this! Overall, its a pretty standard romantic comedy. So why do I like it? Ouran has a subtlety that is rare in the genre. There are glimpses of true sincerity and emotion. As a writer, Bisco is not perfect, but she wants her audience to fully connect with her characters and their experiences. Its very relatable and awkward. Ouran also has the complicated theme of disconnection and family turmoil within high ranking families. Which can be a hard thing to portray in a comical anime/manga. While there is resolution for each of the characters, the beauty is in the things that aren't said. There is a lot of things the reader has to read between the lines to understand and that gives this anime a particular depth. Its a hard thing to describe, but it makes the plot and characters more real... They truly have a life of their own. And that is fascinating and interesting to experience because as a viewer and as a reader, one must invest a bit of themselves into the series. While the anime doesn't quite do the manga justice, its worth watching. In fact, I was first introduced to the series by watching the anime first. I will say, you will have to at least watch through to episode 6 or 7, at least, to get a sense of understanding and connection to the characters. 

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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