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I'm a widow with 3 children, 2 sons in their 20s and a daughter under 10. We all enjoy anime, manga, and video games to varying degrees. I think the first anime I watched was the "Mysterious Cities of Gold" back in the 80s on Nickelodeon and didn't sell all the episodes. At the time I had never heard of anime but that seemed to awaken my interest and I continued to search for more shows like that one. Things have really changed since then and I would never have guessed that anime would be so popular 20 years in the future. Of course, where I live there is not much interest in it and I do gather some strange looks.

As for my job, I have a BA in History but work as a dispatcher. It tends to blow hot and cold but most of the time it's very interesting. Can't say much about it but I've met some very interesting people.

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