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Special A

21 SEP

Special A is one of my all time favorite animes. It is hilarious, has a romance (that isn't a side story!), and I love the overall feel of it. It has been debated about how the makers went about doing the ending, however it still has a perfectly good and happy conclusion. I have watched this anime twice despite my growing watch list, and would highly recommend it to anyone. If you like unrealistic scenarios, flowery mood backgrounds, and many "LOL" moments in every episode, Special A is for you. The best thing about this anime is that it never felt overblown. I never felt like the makers were trying too hard to make it funny like in many animes. It was naturally comedic and I like that. It also isn't so long that one gets bored, and not so short that a story can't develop. 

I am a bit of a sap so I love a good romance, but drama makes me sick. This anime has little to no drama and the romance is actually what the story revolves around, or rather, the main character's complete lack of realization that there is a potential for romance. But! It isn't purely a romance anime.

Excellent anime. Go watch it. 

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Rukia775 avatar Rukia775
Aug 10, 2011

Also one of my favorite animes. I agree wholeheartedly - everyone with a spark of interest in romance should watch this.

There is one thing to be said though, and that is that this is possibly the most chauvanistic thing I've ever seen in my life. Looking past that, it's easily in my top three.

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