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So I'm Aku, I love purple and anime as well as some manga. I'm sorta anti-social D; I love MLP:FiM and my favorite youtubers are Cryaotic and Pewdiepie (seriously if you haven't checked them out already check them out now) [WARNING: Pewdiepie screams a lot so please if you don't like a lot of screaming guys crying and yelling don't watch him]

My types of anime can range from dark and sad to super girly and romatic. I can watch almost anything as long as the artwork strikes my interest. Seriously I am MAJORLY attracted to art more than anything. I can take yaoi as long as it's cute and not involving sex of any kind, and that goes for yuri too. I can take boarderline hentai I guess. I tend to love fantasy more than anything. 

As for manga I think it goes with the same rules of my anime preferences.

ANYWHO. :3 Nice to meet you and Thanks for reading my little BIO

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