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"As you homecome to Ithaka,

wish for a long road, full of adventure, knowledge.

The Laestrigones, Cyclopes, angry Poseidon fear not,

such you will not encounter with thoughts held high,

if select joy touches body and soul.

The Laestrigones, Cyclopes, angry Poseidon you will not meet,

lest you carry them within, thy soul may set them forth you.

Wish for a long road.

Many may a summer morning be that you,

joy- and pleasure-ridden, shall enter virgin ports;

to find Phoenician traders,

buy the finest wares, pearls and corals, amber and ebony,

and pleasing spices of all sort, as many as you can;

many Egyptian cities you shall visit, to be taught and learn from the wise.

Always remember Ithaca.

Reaching there is your purpose.

But speed your journey not.

Better for many a year to wander;

and, old of age to reach the island, rich with items gleaned

along the way, not expecting riches from Ithaca.

Ithaca gave you a beautiful journey.

Without Ithaca, your wouldn't have began to wander.

But Ithaca has nothing to give.

And should you find it lacking, Ithaca did not trick nor fool you.

So wise that you became, with such experience,

already you know what meaning Ithacas have."

C. P. Kavafis (1863-1933),

collection Poems (1897-1933)

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