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gracia Feb 12, 2008


yes you're right and also what i said earlier he is kinda cute in some sort of way,

because he's trying his best to be a hero and some times he has to give up some thing to do so.. so that is a little cute about him =)

And i think you have a cool profile ;)

greetzz gracia 


1010rikku Feb 7, 2008

LOL that's funny :)

I meant phonetically, it's like a play on the work cutie ;) Actually means laziness huh...sounds like me too!! 

1010rikku Feb 7, 2008

AH! When I initally joined the site, I had only seen a handful of anime myself. But slowly my list has been growing and growing. I dont have as much time as some of the other members to watch, I only get in maybe 4-8 episodes a week lately. 

Love your sig/avatar combo, the deep blue colors are pretty!! And the fun play on your nic (cutay hihi) As for Maes Hughes, I have always been a sucker for a cutie with glasses :P

I heard many good things about is it? The animation looks amazing...