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I am a total Anime & Manga enthusiast. I first started watching Anime and reading Manga's when I was little and funny enough I started both with Dragon Ball. I grew up watching anime's such as Dragon Ball/Z, Zoids: The chaotic century/new century, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, Ranma 1/2, Detective Conan etc.
While I absolutely love watching anime, I am also one of those otaku's, who watch favourite seasoned anime's waaaaay later than the majority, once the hype has calmed down a lot. I have no explanation why..anyways:
A List of some of my most favourite anime's can be found here.
And my current watching list can be found here


I am also an Amatuer Cosplayer, I call myself an Amatuer because I'm not very skilled in sewing, still order my cosplay's online and edit them when they arrive in the mail. I also have just recently started to cosplay more since I started working and slowly getting the hang of how to make my own props. Characters I have cosplayed so far are: Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden, Miku Hatsune Senbonzakura, Christmas and Pikachu version, Mad Hatter female version, Amaterasu from the game Okami and Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa.


Having said all that, it comes with no great surprise that I am also a Gaming Enthusiast. I love my games, I love gaming so much but there are just too many games in my libary, that I want to play, that I just can't keep up with it as much as I want to. I tend to be more successful playing and finishing handheld games than other consoles. I usually play games on my Laptop, New Nintendo 3DSXL and Phone. Some genres I most commonly play are: MMORPG, RPG, Adventure, Beat em Up, Hack n Slash, Puzzle, Jump n Run, Rhythm.
Genre's I uncommly play: FPS, Horror, Survival Horror
Genre's I will never play: RTS.
My current game addiction is: Love Live! School Idol Festival
My most favourite game of all time is: Okami


That's all from me now, feel free to leave a comment on my page~!

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Chibi 1:
character© Aryllx; art© Yamio
Chibi 2 :character© mimitea ; art© Yamio
Chibi 3: character© lelittleluna ;art© Yamio
Chibi 4: character© dovahkitt; art© Hyanna-Natsu
Chibi 5: 
character© ifabulicious; art© Yamio
Cover picture: Super Sonico Mascot of Nitroplus
Profile picture: Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan

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Sianeka says...

I still haven't heard back from you since I put you on Hiatus... are you ok? The site says you are not visiting so much (you are listed as being on last on in November).

I have you listed as taking a break from doing welcomes at this time (on hiatus). So, I'm wondering how you feel - do you think you'll want to come back to doing welcomes? Or no more greetings for a while?

If you think you might come back in future, I'll put you on indefinite hiatus until the future when you feel you can do regular greetings again.

If however, you don't see coming back as a regular Greeter, I can change your status to Club Supporter, and no worries about doing any more assignments.  (If you change to Club Supporter, it does not have to be permanent. You could still come back as a Greeter in future, it just will mean that you have no plans at this time to do so.)

Please get back to me to let me know where you stand, and more importantly, how you are doing.

Jan 13, 2016
Sianeka says...

Happiest of holidays to you, and my wishes for success this coming New Year!  Thank you for being a part of WECO!  *big smile* (Also hope to maybe see you doing welcomes again next year!)

Dec 25, 2015
Sianeka says...

Hi, am wondering if you are having problems accessing the Assignment sheet or finding your assigned names?  It seems you have been missing quite a few of your assignments recently.  Perhaps your availability has changed and you'd like to revise your schedule or take some time off for now?  (Your current schedule is every day except Mondays and Wednesdays, up to 10 names per day.)

Please get back to me, I'd like to work out a schedule that will work for you.

Dec 10, 2015
Bloodraven5 says...

Lol, were actually currently talking on twitter, so you kinda know how I am ;-).

However im good just trying to change my sleep cycle yet again, yay!

Aug 26, 2015
Heroine says...

Hello and welcome to Anime-Planet! Hope you'll enjoy your time here. :3

Aug 26, 2015