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New Feature: Joe Reviews :- K-On!


With the addition of blogs I feature I should appreciate the coding effort and use them.

The obvious solution is to use them to vent my hatred/love for whatever recently watched anime I've recently watched (as opposed to recently watched anime I watched 3 years ago) and so I shall begin.

I'll also be nicking the main sites reviewing style, because it's easier.




Okay that's not totally accurate but it felt like it. At the end of this series you look away from the screen and realise in the past nearly5 hours basically nothing has advanced.

Toolong;didn'twatch version:

Girl is useless, girl joins club, girl somehow becomes not totally useless in one aspect of the many available to her (Playing guitar, of all the ones to pick). Girl continues to be useless AT EVERYTHING FUCKING ELSE. Characters prance around girl being teenagery.

This is an anime about starting a band. I lie with this line, this is an anime about pretending to start a band, eating cake for 12 episodes, and playing for approximately 5 minutes of this time. It hurts.


Actually not that bad. Sometimes reaches near movie quality, occasionally recinding into the basic "supakawaiidesu" style when required.

Mind you, a great package does not make great contents. If I give you a severed baby head, the pretty pink bow I remembered to put on it doesn't make it any less horrifying and/or delicious.


Considering the main focus of this anime was LOLBAND, not featured that much. It's the basic, stay in the background affair.

The 4 times that it actually does come to the forefront through the use of the band, it's the general catchy j-pop affair. The kind that sticks in your head, and you laugh to yourself and you realise you're humming it for the first 10 minutes, but after 3 days requires you to hunt down someone else in your situation, dress up as japanese school girls and make a cover band


I don't think I can properly construct a sentence to describe my pure hatred for main character Yui. She seems to have somehow lived for 15 years in a bubble of complete ignorance, whilst her parents (rightfully) leave her the fuck alone and travel the world. Presumably they hope that this should-be still birth of an off-spring will eventually forget to breath and they'll come back to her rotting corpse with balloons and party streamers.

This plan is unfortunately ruined by their other daughter, Ui (Way to name them parents.) who, despite being a year younger, seems to cook, clean, and generally keep alive the barely conscious Yui at all times. The writers figured the best way to get around the inevitable disdain and resentment Ui would feel was to claim that she thought this was all "KAWAAAAIIII". Kawaii is a running theme by the way. Everything that is annoying to a normal human being, or involves in any way embarassing someone is cute.

The back-up cast include the shy one, the annoying one, and the rich one, so as to avoid massive deus ex machinas. "You can't afford a guitar, owait, my dad owns this shop, now you can". "Hey lets go train" "Good ideas guys, my daddys got a fucking villa for this very time". I had no idea you could make so much money selling musical instruments. Maybe I should start up a shop.

There's a few others, including the teacher/adviser/thing that seems to think sexually harassing her students is totally acceptable and not at all punishable by law.

In short I mainly wanted to strangle them all. One provided hope, someone that joins the group after it starts, a young Azusa, who spends a few episodes rightfully complaining that these fucking idiots never actually practise. "Luckily" she's quickly indoctrinated and becomes just as a vapid and pointless as the rest of them.




One severed baby head outta five.

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KoiHoshiki avatar KoiHoshiki
Jul 25, 2010

Severed baby head > K-On

Kyoraku avatar Kyoraku
Aug 7, 2009

I have all the time in the word for things I hate.

Things I love, fuck that. but things that instilled utter hatred and disdain, I'm fucking there.

AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Aug 7, 2009

Yay! This is exactly what I would have written if I were inclined to waste more of my time on K-ON related activities!

Zakiel avatar Zakiel
Jul 6, 2009

cool story bro.

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