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I looooooooooooove anime! well the anime that got me started was naruto!

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NarutoFangirl10 says...

My first time was when I was randomly switching channels on tv (I was bored) and I happen to come across Naruto (dub). I watched and really liked it so I went online to search for videos and ended up being addicted XD

Apr 23, 2012
NarutoFangirl10 says...

Same here! I was still a kid back then when I first watched it and it was in english so I had no idea. I didn't realise it till I was 10 (yes, I'm clueless XD) when I started watching Naruto and then I knew what anime was =D

Apr 22, 2012
NarutoFangirl10 says...

Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend, I added you too. My first anime was naruto too, and I love it! (and other anime too of course) ^^

Apr 10, 2012