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I am a absolute anime/manga lover!!! My favorite manga is Skip Beat but my favorite anime is Case Closed. I love the crime animes and hate animes when it has too much drama with the romance.(like peach girl) I can't stand animes where my favorite character dies it usualy ruins the anime for me...

*Spoiler for Shiki*

(like how i agree that Shiki is a fantastic anime, but despise that not one vampire lived, not even Natsuno or Tohru) :( stupid villagers.... (I also find it weird, but cool how after some characters turn they suddenly get more stylish clothes, like Tatsumi has.)

*end Spoiler*

I recommend Case Closed for those of you who do like long crime animes(almost 700 episodes and still going) , but even though there is a murder/crime every episode the real story moves really slow.

I recommend Skip Beat for those who like comedy romances about acting. Though sometimes its hard to not want to yell at the characters(for being so blind with feelings) or kill Shotaro Fuwa.

The characters in Skip Beat and Case Closed are pretty awesome :)

Although i do luv Case Closed I think I have too many favorites in anime to say all of them. Just look at the list of what ive seen instead :)

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