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†About Me v3†

No comments on my first ridiculous-longass-about-me, just make everything simple here

Real life INTEREST:

-Computer Science (..ALL computer stuffs)

-Playing sports


Instruments I play: (main) Electric, (2nd) E. Bass guitar, (3rd) violin & piano

in J-Pop & Jazz genre.. LOVE THEM BOTH!!

My "Guitar Video Collage"'s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty_sbrus-zs

Favorite Bass play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_X7mMU6Gb0 (BY MIKU!!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ru7ZeOTDuI Red Hot Chilli Pepper [Flea & Chad Jam]

Fav genre:

1st: Romance, Comedy (a.k.a. Romantic-Comedy)

Plus - Drama, Slice of life, RPG/Adventure, Fantasy/Action

Start my life on animes in the mid of 2009 (around summer break)


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About me v3, Guitar Video Collage (utube link above) (4/15/12)

About me v2, watching history, ratings (2/1/12)

About me! (2/23/11)

List of Favorite Music!! (2/3/11)


Youtube updates! (9/21/10)

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5. Fractale

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2. C3

1. Shinryaku Ika Musume


#Naruto ALL seasons

Zero no Tsukaima (rewatch - season 4)




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PS: Well, but of course these are my own ratings

5 stars: Super Rare - just a perfect masterpiece (chance rate: 0.19%)

4.5 stars: Very Rare - close to perfect, very-very-good (chance rate: 15%)

4 stars: Rare - very good anime base on its story/my own satisfaction (chance rate: 33.9%)

3.5 stars: Uncommon - good anime base on its overall, worth enough (chance rate: 30.9%)

3 stars: Common - almost nothing special, but not bad (chance rate: 15%)

1-2.5 stars: Trash - sort of regret and hate watching this (chance rate: 5%)

0.5 stars: Virus - most f*cked up animes i've ever seen (chance rate: 0.01%)

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UltimateShock Dec 24, 2010

But I am a bit too self-absorbed and my parents hate it because I rarely do study.

Yeah exactly, that happened when I was about 8 years old. My dad bought me a keyboard with a manual that was like impossible to learn for me, I just kept hitting keys and with time forgot that I ever had it. And the keyboard is now rotten and broken. Dedication - is what we all need in this age, we have all become too lazy as everything has become easier and easier for us because of the advance in technology. So, we don't strive as much as before.

Yes, pretty much a lot of people are Muslims here but we can't call all of them exactly good believers because most of them don't obey and follow the "5 Pillars" completely. Like many don't offer the compulsory 5 daily prayers (me too). No, Pakistan's not exactly the geographical neighbour of Arabia. But both the countries are Muslim states! The native (first) languages are different too. Pakistan - Urdu, Saudi Arabia - Arabic. Though the urdu language is written in Arabic script (writing stlye) and borrows a lot of words from it too. Thank you for telling me about your religion and being so open with me.

I myself need to go back and play all the other good RPG's and we have to admit that Japanese people are one of the best race of humankind. They have brought countless revolutions in every area like games, technology, medicine, animation and whatnot. Hmm...good to know that Indonesia is consisted of a populace that is majority Muslim (not being discriminatary). Heh, it's good that you moved to "America", one of the greatest country in the world. Yup I do see change in your english and it is getting better, keep it up! You should read a lot of blogs, play Visual Novels and read those English Language books to improve English. I myself don't do this but this is the easiest way to make your English get better. My English is very good, written one and not spoken one, compared to other people in Pakistan. As my father has had me enrolled in one of the best private school here. No, majority of the people here don't speak proper english and a lot of them don't get quality education. Pakistan is a third-world country full of corruption and crimes, and it is not advancing as it should. The whole government is corrupted. So many people die every month because of lack of sufficient food, contaminated water and broken facilities. The situation here is really bad, and this shit going around about terrorists is total bullshit! Terrorist means someone who spreads and provokes terror and fear in the hearts of men. Nothing like that happens here, we go out every other day and I haven't been killed uptil now. And I am not afraid of any terrorists etc. These are just conspiracies going around. English is not the primary language here, urdu is. Let's say that there is a lower class here and a high class here and no middle class. That is why only a very small population of children/teenagers get enrolled in high-quality schools.

I agree with you, when I tell some of my friends about anime they start saying that are you a kid, you still watch cartoons and you are too desperate that you have fetishes for cartoon etc. And I keep laughing at their thoughts and reactions. I would say like you said that hentai can/will affect the psychology of someone's mind. When I watched "Clannad", it taught me to be as gentle and caring as you can be because love and life are very delicate and valuable life-changing chapters plus to be kind to girls. And what hentai taught, no more like corrupted my mind with is that be as harsh, severe and hardcore as you can, because all girls want it (which is absolutely not true). Let me tell you that because of my past life experiences and the happenings around me, I have let go even the thought of going out with a girl and even getting married as I believe that I cannot handle the immense responsibility. In short, I prefer fulfilling my desires etc. being indulged in the 2D-world rather than real-life, and as a result a lot of my friends make fun of me. And I find it fun, I say let them keep going at least they let me be amused everyday. Humans are just like animals, hungry for something, survival of the fittest and if youcan't get anything then take it. Humans are really helpless aren't they, falling and losing to temptations and desires. Many people do fall into despair, I also am or maybe one of them. I just don't want to get involved in a relationship or get married but I think that I will have to get married in the future because of my parents, they will force me.

Yup who here does appreciate the real beauty of the world except for the people who are philosophers (definitely not me) and people who think out of the box? Here take a look at this:


Shit that sucks bad, 18 hours on one boss?! I would prefer watching a yaoi anime over wasting 18 hours on a single boss. Don't worry, I also love topics relating to psychology, human nature, existence, life, human kind, and philosophy etc.

Yeah I hope I don't get mentally weak. So about me, I prefer that I live my life in solitude (with my parents) but without leaving behind a family like wife and kids. And not a long life because I won't be able to support myself then. (A no girl policy).


UltimateShock Dec 23, 2010

Sorry, I was like really busy and was a bit too self-absorbed in my own interests for this long while.

Everything's fine on my end, how about you? Nah, I got rid of "Dengue Fever" but it did take me about 9 days to get completely well. I do have a good amount of love for music but at this age and time I cannot learn it, I will try learning the "keyboard" or "piano" and the "Guitar" when I am independent and self-sufficient. In easy words, I am not from a very well-off family. I will surely ask you for advice but probably in the far-future and don't worry, I will never forget you! No you're not being rude, ask me whatever and whenever you want. And no, I am a Muslim so I don't celebrate "christmas" but I do respect that festival as a religious rite. As in our religion it is stated that "Jesus" or "Isa" (A.S) was a Prophet and he did preach the message of God. And if we refuse to belive that he was a Prophet then we won't qualify as being true believers, we have to believe in all the Prophets as being sent by God.

Ah...RPG's they are immensly amazing! I was recently playing Final Fantasy XIII, the first game from the Final Fantasy series (also my first RPG game) and I loved it! I have to say that I missed out on a lot of good games on the pc and ps2. And those damned spoilers on the internet also ruined for me the story of the previous games which I have to yet play. I will look into the game you mentioned and will surely play it. So where were you born, Indonesia or USA?

Indeed reminiscing about your past and nostalgia are surely great. Remembering the good times mostly when you were alone and had your greatest adventures even if they are considered small by others. The music - yes, RPG's, most of them have the best music ever. We all want to live our own life our way don't we and some people prefer solitude like me myself. I don't know why but the experiences I had/have in my life have made me a bit of pessimist especially in matters of life and life choices. Like one of the thing that I want is to live alone and not leaving behind a family, just me and my messed up mind.

Yeah there are many, many things that I would love to share with you etc. But sharing them on anime-planet is a bit weird like we have to insert the links then write the name etc, it's a bit hectic and time-consuming but I think I'll manage.

Oh yeah let me tell you something really weird about perfectly-normal people. So like first when I had started watching anime all the people in my class, my friends and my class fellows used to call me a kid, someone with a childishly young heart etc. But with time they stopped being bitchy (sorry for this bad word, my mouth isn't exactly pure and angelic) about it and now after a year I confessed openly that I watch hentai, ecchi anime and prefer hentai/anime over real girls/porn and people started bitch around again at first. Calling me gay and other lame stuff! But I don't care about that, never did, never had time for it! And now I lately became famous on facebook between my friends and am called "philosopher" because 3-4 times I wrote long messages and did some discussions with them. And the guy who gave me this nickname and made it famous, one day, out of nowhere comes during recess and pats on my back and says that, "You have become gay! I never thought that something like this would happen to you." And I asked why, what happened. He says, "You watch hentai, you are gay!"

And I was in total shock, more like a mental-trauma. I found myself laughing all-day, thinking about how screwed up this world is. Watching male-female sex in animation makes one gay, wow, way to go humanity, I expected more.

May you get loads of present for christmas bro! (I won't wish you Christmas yet, about 2 days left.)

UltimateShock Nov 13, 2010

Don't fret it.

Congratulations for getting enrolled in such a great school. I am in agreement with you, learning to play music on your own may not be that easy and it is true that one needs to play it with others to become a better instrumentalist. What is the use of learning to play instruments when one cannot play in unison. Oh it's bad that you cannot participate in music classes, well that is to be expected as the school is brand new.

Is that so, I will try listening to Nana's songs. I came to know of Utada Hikaru from the I don't remember exactly, the opening or ending theme of the Evangelion movies. The theme song is called "Beautiful World."

(The message below was written later on...)

These days I am feeling not that good. When I woke up in the morning on Friday, I had a really bad headache, my eyes felt as if they were burning and I was feeling dizzy and really tired. I had a high fever but I forced myself to go to school anyways. Then on saturday I went to a hospital, they took my blood for a blood test and set me up with 3 miniature drips and one big one. They told my father that I had to be admitted to the hospital but the rooms weren't free so we went back but the doctor told my dad to get my blood tests done regularly. My white blood cell count is really less than the normal amount. It should be 4.0 but my WBC count is 2.7

Nothing too serious.

No my winter break will start later on probably in the middle of december. But I will get about 5 days off starting from wednesday because of the Muslim religious festival we will celebrate.


UltimateShock Nov 11, 2010

Ya bro,

you must know about Utada Hikaru right?

Listen to this fandub of her song Keep tryin, simply amazing.


UltimateShock Oct 31, 2010

Pretty good philosophy you got there Kuzame! Same case here with me, there are subjects that I am not interested in especially History and Chemistry. Some chapters of Chemistry seem nonsense to me, I don't understand a bit what the teacher says.

You are right and I also didn't specifically say that "this" instrument is easier to learn than "this" instrument. It depends on the person, how much dedication and time he can give and if he/she learns it with interest, learning will be more fun and easier than forcing oneself to learn it.

You deserve respect for learning most of the guitar yourself. Unfortunately I don't have any instrument. Don't even know if I will get one. But I do want to learn some of the instruments like Guitar, Piano and Violin. Maybe bass.

I hope that your learning phase of Piano goes well and good. Good luck!

Do you have "Music" classes in your school? Where you can practise Instruments?

And lastly, sorry for replying so late. I had just started Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Amazing anime!