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†About Me v3†

No comments on my first ridiculous-longass-about-me, just make everything simple here

Real life INTEREST:

-Computer Science (..ALL computer stuffs)

-Playing sports


Instruments I play: (main) Electric, (2nd) E. Bass guitar, (3rd) violin & piano

in J-Pop & Jazz genre.. LOVE THEM BOTH!!

My "Guitar Video Collage"'s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty_sbrus-zs

Favorite Bass play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_X7mMU6Gb0 (BY MIKU!!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ru7ZeOTDuI Red Hot Chilli Pepper [Flea & Chad Jam]

Fav genre:

1st: Romance, Comedy (a.k.a. Romantic-Comedy)

Plus - Drama, Slice of life, RPG/Adventure, Fantasy/Action

Start my life on animes in the mid of 2009 (around summer break)


†M¥ Update†

About me v3, Guitar Video Collage (utube link above) (4/15/12)

About me v2, watching history, ratings (2/1/12)

About me! (2/23/11)

List of Favorite Music!! (2/3/11)


Youtube updates! (9/21/10)

My fansubs Drama CD (Mayoi Neko Overrun) Project: [click here] total 1 intro & 12 chapters!

1st Google Search Stories: [click here] (won't take a minute)


†M¥ Watching History†

Currently Watched:

5. Fractale

4. Ano hi Mita

3. Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

2. C3

1. Shinryaku Ika Musume


#Naruto ALL seasons

Zero no Tsukaima (rewatch - season 4)




†M¥ Ratings†

PS: Well, but of course these are my own ratings

5 stars: Super Rare - just a perfect masterpiece (chance rate: 0.19%)

4.5 stars: Very Rare - close to perfect, very-very-good (chance rate: 15%)

4 stars: Rare - very good anime base on its story/my own satisfaction (chance rate: 33.9%)

3.5 stars: Uncommon - good anime base on its overall, worth enough (chance rate: 30.9%)

3 stars: Common - almost nothing special, but not bad (chance rate: 15%)

1-2.5 stars: Trash - sort of regret and hate watching this (chance rate: 5%)

0.5 stars: Virus - most f*cked up animes i've ever seen (chance rate: 0.01%)

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Anime ratings

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401 total

Life on manga

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Manga ratings

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staruser Feb 8, 2011

thanks for adding me :)

hope we know each other better.....

UltimateShock Feb 5, 2011

Don't worry about it. Life's busy, I also admit that. Recently I got my result for the two exams that I gave in October, just telling you, the exams were taken by Cambridge University and they checked them. My grades are as follows:

Islamiat = A*

Pakistan Studies = A

I seriously was shocked when I got to know my result. I was astonished as to how could I even get a grade above "B" in my "Cambridge International Examinations". I just studied for 2 days for each exam, the syllabus was of two years. *UltimateShock* - haha!


I am not at all fluent in English, it's just my written English that is decent or good. When it comes to speaking I suck really bad, I'm hardly even close to speaking coherently. I can speak my native language fluidly but not english. So the languages I know sums up to 2, Urdu and English.

Whatsoever you said about the 'religion' is true. I believe that religion is there for our benefit. Because if there are no rules, people will be unsophisticated and uncivilized. Civilization will not advance, people will be backward. Doing anything and everything without fear of anything, most of what they would do will be obviously harmful to others. Religion is there to hold us back, to keep us graceful in whatever we do, to make us do good. But I do believe in God, I believe He is! Hmmm... what you said about Banksy's belief and a bit before that was a bit complicated, but good as it added some more things to my knowledge thanks! Nah it's okay, you can talk to me about anything if you want.



Oh happy birthday big bro! By "quitting" you mean that you are going to reduce the amount of time you spend on video games right? Yup I do know about the FF series but the only game I have played is FF XIII. The reason being, I hardly knew anything about RPGs until just recently. When I got to know of RPGs and tried out some of them, I instantly fell in love with them. Japanese producers are awesome, anything Japanese is plain awesome! I accidentally read and watched a spoiler of FF VII on youtube while browsing for soundtracks. And one of my friend said that in his opinion the best FF game is FF 12, one of the reason being the game is open-world and you have freedom to travel. The way you say that you beat the strongest bosses in FF, you must be skillful! Nice to hear that you are a gamefreak too, same case here! Yeah tastes do change, in the past before I got to know of anime all I did the whole day was play games on my PS3 specifically Cod4 - the best shooter ever. By time I got to know of anime from my friend, from then onwards about most of the time I use pc now. Because I am not from a well-off family, so I buy a game for PS3 after a good while, about 3-4 months or so. Final Fantasy is a reason why Playstation is colouful, but since I'm an all-rounder I play anything and everything. But the RPG is terrific! I am really happy that I got to know of it and the FF series too. FF XIII isn't worth it, it is good but gets repetitive and a it boring later on. But I do have really high hopes for FF XIII Versus, it may become one of the best FF game, maybe!


Yes people are really careless, me too! Hardly do we ever appreciate the real beauty which is all around us! It does seem that most of the American populace is more interested in mainstream music. In the past I used to listen to a lot of English songs but now about 94% of the songs I listen to are Japanese. Instrumentals, anime and from the oricon charts. Everything that I find appealing to myself or anything I like, I listen to it. Religions, well most of them have taught us to do good for everyone. To be selfless, to help those in need, to step up for what we believe is right. To stand against tyrants etc. I am really lucky that I got to go in such a good school, the fee there is $433 per 3 months. Yes I will take all your statements seriously because you and I are both humans who got to live their life through a different perspective with different experiences. I searched about "banksy" and what a splendid graffiti artist he is. He is really adept at doing what he does. Yup I'll try to have a bit more confidence in myself.


Yaoi - no, and I'll try my best to never watch it! It was just by mistake that I watched "Junjou Romantica", I was browsing throught the top-rated anime on anime-planet when I say it there. I downloaded the first episode hoping for the anime to be amazing like Love Hina or even Air but watching the first episode was totally disgusting. I felt like vomiting near the end, it was just too much! I couldn't take it!

Lesbians, shounen-ai or yuri is fine with me but Yaoi, it's just way too much! Yaoi is like poison for the eyes of males who are straight. By the way, I love yuri just because of "Kampfer", ahh... it was a fun anime. You should watch it if you haven't already.


My turn to ask some questions:

1. What were you again, indonesian or singaporean?

2. Did you apply for immigration? (To go to America)

3. Are you from a well-off family i.e are you rich? Asking because you are able to live in America.

4. Was or is it hard to live there?

5. Have you blended in there? Like have you made friends and is your life going smoothly?

6. Is America a good country for international to go to, like through immigration?

7. Is it expensive living there? Like is education expensive?

8. How many languages do you know?

Alone Feb 3, 2011

Wew lg maen FF XII ni OwO Tu FF kan maen y agak ribet O_O


Anime ya~ like usual watching anything new :) School, Bukit Sion bru slese ngadain SBS Cup & ntah knp skrng Bukit Sion jd Cambridge Examination Center -_-"

Buksi brubah @w@ lbh aneh y lg skrng guru IPA itu orng Filipino smua!!

Oh y btw lo dmn maen PS2 to. Maen game apa aja?

unitzero Jan 21, 2011



I summon thee.



Alone Jan 3, 2011

Hwahwahwa Happy new Year 2011 ^^