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Favorite OST's


Some of my favourite OST's ive come across.

as i find new OST's that i like, i will add them to the list.

Steins Gate - Gate of Steiner

Steins Gate - Suzuha

Steins Gate - Promise

Steins Gate - Christina

Steins Gate - Beleive Me

Tsubasa Chronicle - I Talk To The Rain

Tsubasa Chronicle - Hear Our Prayer

Tsubasa Chronicle - To Wayside

Tsubasa Chronicle - Blue Clouds

Fate/Stay Night - Unmei no Yoru

Fate/Stay Night - Kodoku na Junrei

Darker Than Black - Yin's Piano

Final Fantasy IX - Terra

Chrono Trigger - Wind Scene

Wild Arms 2 - Intro

Final Fantasy XIII - Intro

Another - Mei Misaki Theme

Another - Track 10

Another - Track 4

One Piece - To the Grand Line

Yu Yu Hakusho - OST

Yu Yu Hakusho - Struggle of Sadness

Final Fantasy V - Battle Theme

Chrono Trigger - Boss Theme

Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time

Chrono Trigger - World Map Theme

Cowboy Bebop - Memory

Sword Art Online - A Tender Feeling

Sword Art Online - In Your Past

Sword Art Online - Is This Love

Trigun - Not An Angel

Trigun - Stories To Tell

Madoka - Nunquam Vincar

Madoka - Kyubeys Theme

Madoka - Surgam Identidem

Madoka - Decretum

Madoka - Inevitabilis

Blue Exorcist - Third Movement

Blue Exorcist - Track 15

Blue Exorcist - Fourth Movement

Blue Exorcist - Shiros Death

Blue Exorcist - Blue

Fma - Equivelant Exchange

Fma - Avenue

Fma - Heavenly Spirit

Fma - Memories

Fma - Harmony

Fma - Fate

Fma - Parting

Fma - The Atonement

Fma - Beaming Sunlight(2)

Fma - Philosiphers Stone

Fma - Road to Manhood

Fma - Heart of Metal

Fma - Reunion

Fma - Kyoudai

Fma - Aisetsu

Fma - Nonki

Fma - Tsuioku

Fma - Wakare no Kyoku

Fma - Aishou

Rurouni Kenshin - Hitenmitsurugi

Rurouni Kenshin - Fallen Angel

Rurouni Kenshin - Sakura no ki

Rurouni Kenshin - Nippon  Meisou

Durarara - the sought after extrodanare

Durarara - Voiceless Scream

Durarara - The Girl in the drawing

Durarara - Their aspirations

Durarara - Bottled angel

Durarara - Hoehoemi no kagi

Durarara - Kyuujitsu

Durarara - Tsuioku

Soul Eater - salve maria

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