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These are the awezome animes I saw,

name anime                           how much episodes        good10 or bath1           more info

1. Shugo chara:                           1 to 127                           7/10                  If have never

seen anime before this will be perfect to watch......

2. Mermaid melody                       2 seasons                       8/10                  If you like singing

and mermaids this is for you.....

3. Yumiere patesiere                    1-55                               9.5/10               Learnn cooking

with a girl who doesn't now how to....

4. Yumiere patesiere profesional    1-10 is still brand new      9.5/10               It's about the

same girl from the anime above but she is older......

5. Miad-sama                               1- 26 brand new             10/10               It's good but

you shude be older then 10 to watch this anime but it's awesome......

6. Vampire knight                         1-10                              10/10                 More for older

people cause kind of scary but totaly awesome.....vampire

7. Vampire knight giulty                  1-13                            10/10                 This is about Yuki

the head charactar were it's all about gets to now her past....

8. Special A                                   1-24                             10/10                 It's about this girl

who never gives up she gets in good and also bad adveture's........

9. Zero no tsukima                        Season 1                       9/10                It's a little gross

but it's a beautiful storie......

10. Zero no tsukima                       Season 2                       9/10              ( look command above #9)

11. Zero no tsukima                        Season 3                      9/10               Bieng the void mage

is fantastace..., but what do you do when it's gone..... find out.


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Kuskusuu avatar Kuskusuu


Sep 13, 2010

sure i cant wait i miss you so much JIAN

luchia avatar luchia


Sep 12, 2010

no just do it here and I will delete it after I finished by the way try my blog it has many things and try other stuff too I have many recommendations for you and I already talked to Ofir and marum on the phone just not you btw if you give me a reply go to My home and type it not your home!!!!! I'm sure now I'm coming back wait for me I can stay for a long time so yay I tell you more when i CALL YOU.

HoshinaUtau avatar HoshinaUtau


Sep 8, 2010

hey sis! the doctor told me not to go to school till monday! so long! i havnt seen u since ever! i miss u sooooooooooooo much!

Kuskusuu avatar Kuskusuu


Sep 2, 2010

Hey, Jian i missed you so moouch i will give you my phone number where do you

want it. do you want me to sent it on cde here or gmail if you give me it.

HoshinaUtau avatar HoshinaUtau


Aug 27, 2010

sis, try yumeiro patissiere it just like shugo chara!

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