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tetra Nov 2, 2007

Hihi! Welcome to Anime Planet =)

Did you know that the day that you joined is filled with events of huge impact? November the first was the day that:

Othello was first presented

Michelangelos painting in the Sistine Chapel was shown for the public for the first time

The British parliament enacts the Stamp Act

 I was born

NicholasII becomes the new Tsar of Russia

The European Court of Human Rights was established

Larry Flynt was born

and it is the start of the National Fig Week! 

sothis Nov 1, 2007

Oh and BTW, you should put up that same avatar you have on A4, on here! :D To fill out your profile, just click "my profile" on the left, then "edit profile" on the top, and then you can fill out your avatar, bio, top 5 anime, etc. But, do the avatar first (or after you've already submitted the rest of the profile info), beause they are built into two separate html forms and you don't want to lose everything you type in o_o hehe!

sothis Nov 1, 2007

I'm sothis on A4 as well ^_^ I haven't posted much though :D (mostly in the Anime Chit-Chat and Anime Reviews sections). And yeah, in this case I'd definitely suggest copying the whole code... only because that way, people see your anime stats in the image and think "hmm, I wonder what this guy has seen", and then they can click the image, and actually look at your anime list! ^_^

wolfangel87 Nov 1, 2007

Hey! How are you liking Full Metal Panic. Kind of been on my priority list for a while now, I just don't know if I should watch it.

sothis Nov 1, 2007

Hahaha, Lucky Star! XD Cuuuute sig and avatar.

Hey btw, I saw you over on A4, cool! ^_^ As a note, you might want to paste in the full signature code over there... your signature right now is not clickable; if it was, people could click it and see your profile here and your anime list and such :D To get that code, just click "my signature" on the left and copy/paste what you see in the BBCode box. ^_^

Anyways, welcome!!