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I am a student of 23 years, having problems finding a job.

As a gamer, I have over 25 years of video gaming experience, ranging from arcade to PC, from old consoles like the NES to new consoles like the PS3. I am very skilled at RPGs, giant robot combat sims (read: Zone of the Enders, Gundam, Starsiege, etc.), shoot-'em-ups like Gradius or R-Type, platformers like Jak & Daxter, and old retro games such as Mario and Sonic. Series I am particularly skilled with include 8bit and 16bit Mario, the pre-Adventure Sonic games, Mega Man , Gradius (Still improving), Ys (a very little-known cult classic action RPG from Japan. It grows on you once you start playing it; I highly identify with the lead character), and Phantasy Star (old-school and Phantasy Star Universe).

In 1P, I have an uncanny knack for being able to accurately read a game's AI if I play it enough times, allowing me to accurately take on even boss-level characters (such as Mobile Suit Gundam's Char Aznable) and win with enough persistence.

I'm also very kind at heart, and fun to be with. I can be very forgiving, and easy to talk to.

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Bogg Oct 22, 2012

Welcome to A-P!

EmpressMadara Oct 22, 2012

Welcome to AP, and don't worry about job, u'll find it one day :)