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I'm just some guy in the Philippines who was credits anime and manga as one of my greatest childhood influneces and who's also a free aniblogger by trade. I am into all genres of anime so don't aske me if I love or hate moe. Please visit my blog sometime!





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sothis Dec 1, 2010

Sorry for the delay :)

You can look up anime in a bunch of ways, either using the top search, or go to 'anime' in the main nav, then click 'browse by title', and you can browse all the pages of the list if you've seen a lot and want to just add status per page. There's a dropdown for status, and also eps/rating stars.

also you can browse by tag if that's easier, for that go to anime-planet.com/tags (there's a list of popular tags also on the anime, manga homepages and the site homepage), click a title, and then make sure you click the 'anime' or 'manga' tab once you're on those pages to see a filtered list. you can mark status from there as well.

Drahken recently put up a blog that has a visual description of searching/looking up anime directly and adding to your list, check it out :D


(we're currently working on redoing the structure of the homepages so it's easier to figure out ^_^)

sothis Nov 30, 2010

Yay! ^_^ let me know if you need help with any features or anything