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Hello There! Well, I like TRPGs and Manga.My favourite RPGs are Persona 3, Final Fantasy X, Disgaea (all the parts, but 3rd is the best). Oh, and I also wait for the upcoming Black Rock Shooter: The Game! My favourite Manga is Sayonara,Zetsubou Sensei. It shows the freaks from the all sides, without a bit of hatred or fangirlism. But I also like school comedies and romantics, like The World God Only Knows (Must watch!) and Lucky Star (Slice of Life classics, comes with Azumanga)).

Now what I DO NOT LIKE. First, I don't like RuNet. This is not a website, this means Russian Internet- summary of russian-speaking sites. This is SHIT. People shit each other every second here, and even if I'm Russian, I prefer to "Stay outside the box"). Second, I don't like freaks fangirlism. When girls see chars like L or Itachi/Sasuke, they start fangirlism, but if they see freaks like these in real life...Just look here: http://tenshi-no-hikari.deviantart.com/art/Fandom-vs-Reality-198805504?q=boost%3Apopular%20Fandom%20vs.%20Reality&qo=0 ^_^. Third, I don't like Anti-cultures (like antiemo) and skinheads. No, I'm not a hippy))

I also draw Original Characters and Fanart.  You can see my gallery here:http://imaginationdied.deviantart.com/ . Hope you like it!)

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KittyEmperor Feb 26, 2011

Hello and Welcome to A-P!