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about me

Hi, I'm Nick I guess i should make a more serious Bio so here it is!

I have allot of different tastes;

     -  I like romantic/dramatic anime like clannad

     -  I like suspence like Death note

     -  And i just like everything -> You'll see it in my anime list anyways 

 For music I'm a "aslong as its good i'm happy with it"-kind of guy. I like Gothic, Rock, Classical, and everything that catches my attention.

My favorite artist for now is Emilie Autumn

Hmmm, What else can i put here... I dont have any "outside going" hobby's, I rather stay indoor's watch a movie, watch some anime or play games.

I'm currently going to evening-school with the end goal of becoming a programmer.

And I got a few part-time jobs to go with it. (talk about hard work hé? ^^")

You can find me on Facebook:




Deviant art (i'm not good and new at drawing):


Nice to meet you all! And i hope i can make some more anime-friends here! ^^

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somewhere over the rainbow

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animeforever817 avatar animeforever817


Apr 20, 2011

sorry for not answering your comment till now whoops XD So how are you?

animeforever817 avatar animeforever817


Apr 11, 2011

you're somewhere over the rainbow, well what if it never ends you'll be floating forever. XD

ok yeah sorry about that, saw your list you have some pretty nice animes on there, hope we can be friends.

Anastika avatar Anastika

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 30, 2010
NanaLuv avatar NanaLuv


Sep 12, 2010

niet vergeten:

ik zit 5 dagen per week op school,

heb nog eens veel huiswerk

en leer vanaf dit jaar piano hé.

dus daartussen kijk ik anime x)

ik heb niet zo veel tijd als jij x) (;


mostwanted avatar mostwanted

Thanks! ^_^

Sep 6, 2010

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