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about me

Hello everyone!

I'm Marco, from Italy, but feel free to call me Kuro or Kirby, as you like most.

Besides of anime, i also like reading manga, japanese culture, animals, videogames (online and not), draw, play the drum, i do cosplay, i love to take photos whenever i go, i listen to a lot of different music styles and.. i love girls XD like Sanji from One Piece, we can say. XP

Ok, i think i've said enough of myself! Leave a comment if you like my anime list or if you just like to say "hi" to me, i'll appreciate that! :3

See you, Nyan !

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Jesolo, Venice, Italy.

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wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Jul 28, 2009

Oh wow!!!!  Italy!!!!!!

I love traveling and my favorite place that I have been so far is Italy, especially Venice!!!!

Kari5 avatar Kari5


Jul 13, 2009

Yeah I do ;) Hows it going?

cassiesheepgirl avatar cassiesheepgirl


Jul 12, 2009


Yeah, everything's good with me, just plodding along really. You liking the new version of the site? I'm loving having the friend feature back again, and the custom lists! :D

cassiesheepgirl avatar cassiesheepgirl


Jul 10, 2009

Hello! How have you been?

cassiesheepgirl avatar cassiesheepgirl


Dec 23, 2008

I'm good, been working at the theatre for panto season so I'm a bit tired, but I'm off now until the 28th. :D I'm all ready for Christmas, everything is bought and wrapped so hopefully they'll go down well :)

Have a great Christmas! Hope you and your friends and fasmily have a great time.

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