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Yo minaa! KuroBladez here, I'm 19 years old and am currently studying Games Development. I'll try to keep the bio short since nobody wants a life story. I got into anime properly at the end of 2011 by watching Death Note and Fairy Tail after watching those two amazing series I wanted more and more. I watched most of the popular action shonens alongside a few short series like Angel Beats! and Ao No Exorcist. That's pretty much my anime origin story and my tastes have changed a lot since then. I also enjoy a good slice of life or romance/comedy anime. Aside from watching anime and reading very few manga I enjoy playing video games and meeting new people so don't be shy and leave a message hope to get to know you better! :D

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1. Nurarihyon no Mago

2. Barakamon

3. Re: Hamatora


4. Tokyo Ghoul Root A

 5. Yowamushi Pedal 2


Top 5 Currently Watching Anime:

1. Kuroko No Basuke S3

2. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

3. Ore Monogatari 

4. OreGairu

5. Owari no Seraph


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Vaniltea says...

Even though I said I wouldn't be able to reply soon, i'm still sorry it took such a long time. I hoped I would be able to do it sooner... How have you been doing?

Oh, you'll make me want to read Ao Haru Ride too now! xD I was already planning to, but I already have other things to read right now so that'll have to wait.

I'm sure no one is able to resist smiling when Suna laughs! It's simply not possible! I still really love all the main characters, and I'm not disapointed in the story so far. It's indeed not a 'typical' shoujo, which is really refreshing.

May 28, 2015
Doremi says...

Helloo ;3

Long time, don't know if you remember me though haha! x3

How are you? I see your profile is still awesome as ever, I'm still jelly^^

What animes are you currently watching?

May 26, 2015
chelleastro says...

Sorry for the late reply. was busy the week before from getting back to ATL.I go to Smite LAN events for my bf's tournaments b/c he's in the pro scene or w/e.other than that, hopefully i'll go to PAX east sometime, i've never been to any gaming conventions. i've only been to like 2 anime conventions here in atlanta, another anime convention in las vegas, and a tournament thing in vegas for LoL/SC2

May 25, 2015
Rattanee says...

Thanks! Like the site a lot so far :)

May 22, 2015
nabders says...

Thanks! Took my time joining, honestly couldn't be bothered to find every anime I've ever watched, but decided I might as well try.

May 22, 2015