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I'm Bethan, Uhhh... I don't really know what to write here :L

I like to read loads of different mngas, and I have particular genre that I like, but sometimes (especially if its a big series) I just watch the anime. But who doesn't do that these days!?



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jazzxbean Aug 3, 2011

My love for the Welsh is inspired by TV shows...that still counts right? ;P Also it's good to know that you;ve met creepier people than me..just means that I have to step up my game right! Nothing like a good challenge to brighten up the morning.

But bedsides that, what's your favourite anime genre?


jazzxbean Aug 2, 2011

I see you're new. Welcome to anime-planet! I see you're from Wales. I love and adore the Welsh. I see you've enjoyed watching Kuroshitsuji. I think that we have the potential to become excellent frineds! :D


But besides my creepy demeanor, I do hope you enjoy the site!