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<-- Like this character is doing, and hikikomori like he is, door are heavy you know !

Do Ninjutsu , the real one ( not the naruto & movies magical shit ) , fun to be throw and throw people on the ground, but it hurt as fuck sometime when it come to twist arms, be pressur point on the trachea, ribs and etc..

Passionate of military vehicle: Tank, Jeep, APC, IFV, everything armoured.

Movies type: Scifi, Fantasy, War of -> ( WW2, Iraq, Afghan, Africa, Vietnam, Afghan, Edo period with ninja/samurai stuff ^^... ), comedy...

Animes type: Scifi, Fantasy, horror, War ( do you know some? ), comedy... etc

Game types: Scifi, Fantasy, Action, War ( full realist like Arma 2 playing with over 40 people on TS with radio system and voice volume ajusted by distance.. etc ) and.. etc game

Also love Astronomy, one of my favorite thing in space -> Pulsar star 

If you are tired to chatt with message and long reply, chat with me on skype -> Reapyst

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Esper26 says...

Ok,trying to find a background I like.

Jul 22, 2014
BleachSta4Eva says...

Ok lol if u need English u shall have.....lol......me well I guess ok........I'm not sure......and I'm kinda frustrated......site sending emails even though I told it not to......y??????? And oh yea I don't expect u site all the time......so it's cool.....umm yea

Jul 20, 2014
BleachSta4Eva says...

Hey, comment allez-vous aujourd'hui? J'espère que vous faites très bien. Vous n'avez pas reçu votre message, j'ai donc décidé de message, lol.

Jul 20, 2014
Shivichan says...

Haha, you may be right xD 

Yep, it was funny! xD I  am not perfect at it, but when I speak it, I speak it just like an anime girl. xD I may even become a voice actor someday xD I am going there for 8 days, and guess what, it's for free, as its an exchange programme! Im super excited! >.< 

Jul 20, 2014
Pink0taku says...

desoler de repondre si tard >.< je viens darriver en italy le voyage a durer 8 h !!!!! parceque la voiture est tomber en panne ;-;

je v asser bien a part ssa je voulais mexcuser pour avoir eter si froide sur aura kingdom je t completement zaper vu que je parlais avec la guile chui vraiment desoler jespere que tu ment veux pas trop :/

Jul 20, 2014