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CeZaS93 Dec 5, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

KryseeMac Dec 28, 2007

I like Chiaki Konaka as screenplay writer and Ryutaro Nakamura as director,who are key figures in 'Serial Experiments Lain' anime and heard they were doing Ghost Hound. Since Serial Experiments Lain is one of my all time favorites, I thought I would give Ghost Hound a watch.I am not really sure what to make of it yet but I do know I want to watch more. It is a new series and at this writing only 9 episodes are out. There seems to be strange conections to our heros from years back when a brother and sister were kidnapped and the sister dies. I do like the scenes when they have out-of-body experiences while a special 'few' and see their egg shapped bodies floating around.All and all there seems to be a build up of suspense starting from several directions. I, for one, am going to keep my eye on this series.