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I am not a very Big Anime watcher, but id like to start watching it! My first anime was Wolfs Rain.

Im also a gamer and i play a number of different game types and am differently skilled at either. If im shouted at or critcised i will not speak back instead you will have offened me and you will have tolive with the pain of knowing you hurt me.

Favourite Shugo Chara(s): Yoru, Il, Ran, Kusukusu

Favourite Characters: Ikuto Tsyukumi, Utau Hoshina, Amu Hinamori, Flandre Scarlet, Remilia Scarlet, Marisa Kirisame, Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santaigo, Damon Baird, Augustus Cole, This list will go on forever...

Haruhi FTW! She is my new God!

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Orochiamra says...

hello ^w^

Nov 1, 2010
HitSunagi says...

jajjaja,I also love halo, it´s my 1st favorite game

Aug 25, 2010
HitSunagi says...

Hi new member.Do yo like halo?

Aug 25, 2010
NyaKiwi says...

Welcome to Anime-planet! :D

Aug 25, 2010
Omurqi says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

If you have any questions about the site, feel free to ask ^_^

Aug 25, 2010