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Ummm... I am never good at starting these things :P I guess I'll start with my name... my name is Kylie but friends and even family call me Kree ^_^

I am a lover of music, good times with friends and family, gaming, movies and karate. My sister recently showed me this site and because I love anime (for which is TOTALLY my sisters fault :P) I wanted to watch more but never knew where to look and so here I am ^_^

I hope to make friends where possible and gain new loves of different animes ^_^

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me.

<3 Kree

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NarkyOtic Jun 9, 2013

Hey cockwallop, update your list, damnit!

Skylos Apr 4, 2013

Hey! Just saw you on Mangina's wall. Quite friendly, isn't he?

Anyway! Welcome to AP! I'm a new-ish person myself, but feel free to ask anything xD

wanryavka Apr 2, 2013

I'm super awesome and cool so add me.  Also what's ur shoe size?

NarkyOtic Mar 25, 2013

You have an impressively large penis.

Mangina Mar 13, 2013

Hm... would've been easier to go by genre xD

I'll think some about it ^_^

u can add me on Skype if u want to... could talk there -_^

Randow6 is my Skype name.