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Why, its a guest! Come inn and let me cut you... I mean hug you... yes... hugging is what I meant. Oh, and if your wondering why I'm called Krath then you obviously have no life. But in any case I dont really know why, but if you find out please send your answer to me a year ago when I might have cared.

Oh, and I'm from Norway btw, the land of oil, brown cheese, vikings and a language spoken by 0.0005% of the world population.

I like PC, games and anime. my taste in anime goes from random to action to humor to fantasy.. I think that covers about all anime... so to put it nice and simple: I like anime, ok?

I'm a kind of random guy if you haven't figured that out yet. Oh,and if you find any of this offensive then I'll give my public apology that you are a moron.

Favorite phrase: "This is a furtile land, we shall thrive here..." (If you don't know what I'm talking about then I'll throw rocks at you...On second thought, I'll probably throw rocks at you even if you do know)". Thanks for reading!

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kenaniah Apr 20, 2008

Top 5's not bad, but it's your avatar that rocks. Most excellent indeed.    

Konakona Jan 17, 2008


Escaflowne Jan 16, 2008

lol,nice bio :P

btw,welcome to Anime Planet!i loved your #1 and #2 :)