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I love anime and the storys told through the art. The girls in alot of the anime shows, movies and magazines I watch/read are just so beautiful and adorable. I love how the girls have such big beautiful eyes and goregous hair. They are just so pretty. The romance and love in the anime I like is just so pure and heartfelt. If only real life was as magical and beautiful as the storys told by these great artists. Its funny how many shows I have watched and magazines I have read that always seem to have as I like to call it "happysad endings". Where at the end of the story the people that love eachother know it and want to be together but something comes in the way where they have to leave or move on in the better good of things. It always gets to me at the end. I always seem to find my self crying and feeling very emotional at the end of these storys and I am not ashamed to say so. For thats how I know a story has really pulled me in and made me feel for the characters. I have so much more I would like to express and write down but I would just be rambling on forever. Anime has just really made me see life in a different way. It really makes me think and wonder about things in my own life. Like, Why can't I have an adventure like that? or why Can't I find a girl like her? Its kind of crazy if you think about it but its just the way I feel. In the short of things I just really love the storys,the art,the beatiful girls and basically just everything about anime.

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