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"my life spent on anime" thing is very much going to be behind since I pretty much watch anything I rate over 4 , three  or more times ...hell..I've probably seen every episode of DBZ like 7 times thanks to Cartoon Network. This is also missing a few  hundred anime ^_^ but it seems new so that's fine. <---2008 profile

2012 March lol: I'm at 500 anime completely finished now..which brings me to over 6 months worth of pure anime watching..but that's assuming every series was 26 episodes for 24 minutes. Which is not sure, some were 50-100 episodes, some were 12 episodes, some were 1-4 episodes OVAs...but I've re-watched so much anime that I'm 100% confident I've actually spent over a full year of my life purely watching anime since 2004. I'm too lazy to import my have-seen list, since there is no import feature from animenewsnetwork.com which is what I use.....I'd have to do it manually..but there's just way too much. Maybe if this site added re-watches into the equation it would be worth it.

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kiszmisz avatar kiszmisz


Oct 12, 2008

Don't think so,never actully tired to find the PM xD

Oh yeah the quility is horrible at cr but it's easier to find episodes.

Miyuchan avatar Miyuchan

Thanks! ^_^

Oct 12, 2008

no prob! i love new friends (and anime of course) =3

I need some suggestions for anime (even tho i have a ton that i want to watch but am too lazy to get off my butt to do something about) ^^

Miyuchan avatar Miyuchan


Oct 12, 2008

Hihi!Welcome to anime-planet!nya~

wassup nya?~ Im Miyu,(as it says on my name) Nice to meet ya nya~!

kiszmisz avatar kiszmisz


Oct 11, 2008

Cool,do you have a cr account ? ^^

kiszmisz avatar kiszmisz


Oct 10, 2008

Welcome to anime-planet ^^


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