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Gundam AGE finished!

19 MAR

Well I haven't made a blog post for a while (if you consider 3 days "a while"). I gave this anime a 8.5/10, it wasn't as bad as people say it is, its just that I don't think people like the character designs. The anime is basically seperated into four arcs the last arc I really can't consider it a arc but it has a new opening and people are saying it is the fourth arc, but whatever, I just watch it. Although I kind of find the Gundam like 00's because it doesn't fit the UC and CE era Gundams were it is more realistic.

Anyways it wasn't really waste of my time, I like how the arcs has a different points such as the first arc's character 100% want to kill the enemy, the second arc's character wants to balance the power between the enemy and allies, and the third arc's character wants to save the enemy of their conflict.

Anyways heres the log:

3/17/13 - Gundam AGE EP 29-38

3/18/13 - Gundam AGE EP 39-46

3/19/13 - Gundam AGE EP 47-49 (Finished)

The reasons I gave this a 8.5/10 rating:

- Not bad plot although you can see the usual Gundam plot

- Opening and Ending songs are good and so is the OSTs

- Gundam (Thats all I have to say)

- Don't like the character designs (This makes me focus more on the Gundams at least)

- That Char parody in EP 20

Time to find something else to watch, mostly something that isn't mecha. Also somewhere around 3/17/13 I caught up on Omamori Himari, which was chapter 64, lame how slow it is updating.

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