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AGE 16-20 and Something else

15 MAR

After watching Gundam Age EP 16, I kind of figure that EP 16 is a start of a new season but probably the producers decide to scramble them together, anyways kid grows up 25 years after EP 15 and gets another kid somewhere in those 25 years (I guess 8 years after EP 15 they have a kid because the new kid is 17). I actually like the new kid more than the one before, he is older and more fit than the one before.

Anyways I usually put up logs of what anime I watched on what date, its in both the blog posts and the "about me" page, I do this to keep track of things.

3/15/13 - Mobile Suit Gundam AGE EP 16-20

At EP 20, I laughed really hard, there was the omega obivious Char reference in EP 20. A mobile suit three times faster than the regular unit, red paint and horn, That RedComet Kick, and his obivious mask. Definitely Char reference.

Also I decided to reread a manga, which is: Omamori Himari, its a pretty much ecchi manga but I still like it without the ecchi in mind. I first read this when it came out with 10 chapters, but now it has about 60 chapters and an anime. But still, the update rate of the manga is slow and of course, the anime ended.

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