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14 MAR

I decide to watch Gundam AGE from where I left off from because I couldn't decide what anime to watch next. One reason why I watch Gundam AGE is that I am a mecha fan, I like Gundams, Macross, or whatever that seens to fit that category. However I'm not a fan of big super robots that doesn't seem to realistic or its just over powered, Gundam and Macross have at least some realism to it and that is what makes me like mechas. I also like games that have mecha, Super Robot Wars series is the best mecha game in my opinion.

Anyways so far I watched:

3/14/13 - Mobile Suit Gundam Age EP 11-15

So far from what I watched, I don't like the character designs.... Srsly, they don't belong with the genre, however the Gundam and mechas are fine with me. As for the plot... its very similar to most of the Gundam series, kid gets on Gundam, fights enemy after that, and gets on big warship or whatever ship. However I'm fine with the plot, I'm just more into the action. Also I liked the opening and ending songs.

While I was taking a break from watching AGE, I saw a new episode:

3/14/13 - Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukani NEXT EP 10

Unfrounately, this site doesn't load new episodes that fast, so I probably have to wait till tomorrow to update this on my watching list. Also Rikka got a bit serious in this episode.

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