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Hi ヽ(∀<●) I'm Kona, welcome to my bio ~ and nice to meet you all !!! 


       The origins of Kona

So! I'm using this name since I watched the anime Lucky Star back in 2007. Some friends/family members who have watched this anime, they started calling me Kona for our similar personality. 

Yeah ~ I'm basically shorty, a gamer lover (specially for MMORPG) and of course I love anime, manga, karaoke and cosplay. 

I loved this character since the very first episode, so I didn't mind at all. Some of them don't call me by my real name anymore (^^u).



                                                          A little introduction

I got introduced to anime by family, I can say I grow up watching anime since I was a little girl ≧◡≦. Because of it, the first animes I watched are Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Slayer and Saint Seya. By that time internet was not like it is now days, so that's the animes you could watch in TV.

I've been always interested in the Japanese culture. I once worked with Japanese people and was a great and unforgettable experience, that's why I can't wait for the day I can visit this amazing country. 

In that period, I had the chance to meet Mika Kobayashi, some may know her for the song 'Before my body is dry' theme of the anime Kill la Kill.




I also had the chance to meet Tetsuro Shimaguchi, who is a pro sword fight choreographer and known for his work on Kill Bill 1 & 2 and others.

I also listen to Japanese music, any genre is okay ~ but my favorite are Jrock and VK. My favorite band EVER is UVERworld (You can listen to one of their songs here) --->    UVERworld - Boku no Kotoba dewa nai Kore wa Bokutachi no Kotoba

So ~ that's all for now I guess ^‿^ Feel free to post in my profile page.

Mata ne !! ~~


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ScarletRain says...

Hi, how are you? What are you currently watching? Is that any good? :>

Nov 28, 2015
Sianeka says...

KonaIzumi says...   We don't celebrate thanksgiving here, I guess is more of an american tradition ^^ The most similar to this where all the relatives can gather together is for christmas. But I guess that must be the same for almost everyone :P

I know that some countries (like Canada) also celebrate a Thanksgiving, and that Americans weren't the only ones, but I wasn't sure if there was a European country that also has a Thanksgiving -like holiday/tradition.  I think there are also some religions that have a day of Thankfulness as well...

But yes, for gathering relatives together, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holidays I think of first!

KonaIzumi says...   Still, I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving day with a friend and his family :3 It was very different from the way your family celebrate it?

His family is a bit more formalized than mine (they say grace before the meal and had formal activities and games) whereas my family is more relaxed and informal (just a gathering of family sharing time together and food).  Also, their traditional foods were a bit different than mine, but that I expected, as I know my family has some things that other folks don't have.  For instance, my family has a unique meat stuffing that is different than the bread/corn based stuffing that everyone else has. Another thing, my heritage is part Italian, so we often have Italian side dishes that others don't have...

KonaIzumi says...   My november is been pretty much normal :P I'm watching lot of animes (even more than in the previous season) but there are a few I even planned to drop because aren't that great as I thought. I don't like to drop or stall animes so I'll continue watching them anyway ^^   For the next winter season I've already a list of the animes I'll be watching. I tried to avoid those average-low animes that is pretty much the same as many others. I needed to short out a little the list and I'd also like to have some free time to watch some completed animes.

I also hate to drop or stall animes. In fact, there are some animes that I have stalled but I refuse to mark them as stalled on the site, because I don't want to admit to myself that they are indeed stalled.  You know, I do actually plan to get back to them soon.  Well, maybe not soon, but sometime. Someday.  Hopefully.

I haven't even looked at winter season yet.  I usually don't ever look at the next season's offerings until I see the Forum topic with the calendar and everyone discussing what they plan to see.

KonaIzumi says...   If you like Kenshin, I recommend you also read Rurouni Kenshin manga once you watch the anime. There's a part that is different but both ways (the one in the anime and the other in the manga) are really cool. 

I didn't know there was a section of manga that is different from the anime. Now, I will definitely need to read the manga!  Thanks for this info.

KonaIzumi says...   Hahaha, even if Gintama may take a little long to truly hits its stride and becomes the genius show, I'm totally enjoying it since the very first episode. I really like the guys from the Shingengumi (the police). Somes are really cool and others like the one with the bazooka is really funny x) I haven't watch any episode since last time I spoke with you about it, but hopefully I'll soon ^^

Funny story, one of my first contacts with Gintama anime is I saw a pic of Souga Okita wearing a red sleep eyemask with an eye drawing on it.  Since I like to wear eyemasks to bed, I thought it was cool there was an anime character who also wore them, and I went crazy until I found an eyemask exactly like his so I could wear an anime eyemask to bed.

KonaIzumi says...  I also like Rem :3 and as you, IRL I do prefer dark hair before blondies. But Rem is somehow different :0 I do like the animation of Lindo and how the character looks like, but I can't get used to that voice ... it doesn't fit him at all >_< I guess he will catch more my attention if his voice was different :/

Now I am going to pay MUCH more attention to Lindo's voice! hehehe

Nov 28, 2015
poiuw says...

Yeah, I understand. You want more time to completed anime. Maybe I should do that, too. I just slightly cut the number from this fall. :)

Then what you re going to watch next?

Nov 28, 2015
poiuw says...

I found there lot of anime that are from games, person in a strange world and fantasy. I hope there wont be simillar as it was this season. :)

For your question, now on my preliminary list, we have just 2 the same. Gate and Kono Subarashi

I said it before my list might change, but you will start only those 8 you have marked?

Nov 28, 2015
Niamh says...

I feel ya, I just got a new Laptop and now I have to send it back in because it's got some kinde of defect and needs to be repaired 

(that's also why I couldn't anwser you any sooner, sorry bout that :( )

damn you I want all those games too :( now I'm seriously considering buying the 3ds .....but it's so expensive O.o

well techincally it's cheeper than my laptop but I really (really) needed that the 3ds would just be luxus.....and then it really hurts to spend that much money....

damn well thank god for christmas aye? :D

I really hope you still get at least some of the games but then again I understand that a laptop takes priority in that case :)

Nov 28, 2015