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Oct 3, 2012

One guy, several girls and a heap of mishaps are what make a harem however Sekirei does things is a little differently. Instead of focusing on the typical Ecchi, Romantic, Comedy aspect; here the Supernatural, Action takes precedence, following an exciting battle royale of hot characters. Depending on your taste you may enjoy this out of the ordinary harem, or be repulsed by the clothes stripping action.

The Sekirei Plan is a top secret project where hot girls & guys of unknown origin have to fight, fight and fight some more in some bizarre battle royale. Minato Sahashi is the young man who’s thrown into this startling, unfamiliar situation, where he becomes the Ashikabi (partner) of some high-powered hot girl known as a Sekirei. The main plot is explained fairly early on through the crazy game master’s monologues but it takes a while to get to grips with the finer points of the story and its concept. This isn’t helped by every little plot point becoming entangled in a mess of illogicality, only to be straightened out (somewhat), much later on when the Sekirei plan reaches the 3rd stage. Well it’s good to know that the story isn’t only about mindless action & fanservice, as it spends more time on the characters and how they adjust to the ever changing situations.

The characters in question are very symbolic, in the sense that they are what you would expect from a harem. The male protagonist Minato, has the sort of pathetic, auspicious, gentle personality that would allow himself to build a harem. The main “gotta catch ‘em all” premise of Sekirei makes building a harem very easy but it doesn’t make the characters any less important. Decent amounts of time & development are given to the main Sekirei and it can be interesting seeing how they express their individuality. With the Sekirei, their appealing features and traits are rather exaggerated and in some cases it can be a bit of a turn-off (e.g. freakishly huge breast).

The reason I find it a turn-off is frankly because of the artwork. For an ecchi manga the art can be really appealing, to those who like exposed lopsided breast, but to those hoping for a bit more creativity would find the artwork rather lacking. The character designs and their environments are all good but it all lacks a sense of detail, like shading and consistency, to make it great. All in all, the art looks incredibly simplistic however its simplicity does make it really easy to follow.

Overall Sekirei is a fairly addicting Ecchi Harem that seems to unintentionally promote pimping. There’s a lot of interesting and intense combat but they can be a bit over-the-top and eventually repetitive, seeing how the fights are more like strip shows. At least it results in a fair amount of eye pleasing, ecchi fanservice for guys who enjoy that kind of thing… which in fact is most of you guys who read this. There’s also a great deal of funny moments, mostly thanks to Minato’s witty comments and the girl’s cute quirks (Kuu-chan~). So if you’re into ecchi or want a harem manga with a bit of flair, then check this one out.

7/10 story
6/10 art
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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Kzare Aug 16, 2014

"unintentionally promote pimping" I approve of this review. I watch for Kuu-chan. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)