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This by far is probably one of the best mangas out there that I have ever read. I have never been hooked on a manga for so long and still kept buying the next volume as soon as it came out without taking stopping ever 5 volumes. If you have ever read any of CLAMP's other works you'll sure to be able to enjoy this one.

I have to give it a ten. It's original and fresh. This is the very first manga I have ever read that the story takes place in many different places. The plot seems to be never ending because they have to find Sakura's feathers. But that is what I like about it because I really would hate to see the end of such a great manga.

I give the art a 9. Clamp just has a way with their drawings that I find very unique. It reminds me a little of a duo tema of an amateur and an expert workinbg together. But that's what gives Tsubasa it's charm.

Another 9. I love how we meet new and old characters that are originally from other Clamp works. The main characters fits right in to this story. I would have not chosen any of the other of Clamp characters to play the main roles.

I give this a 10. It has plenty of humor. There is no end to just how funny this manga can be. I just get the biggest kick out of Fai-san and Mokona. And the cliffhangers leave you wondering about the next chapter or volume which leaves much for you to think about what would happen in the next volume.

Overall, it is a 10. Everything ties in just perfectly. The never ending supply of cliffhangers and humor. Also plenty of characters to meet and see. You can not but help to pick up this manga and read it over and over again

10/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9.3/10 overall

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