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Kaze no Stigma

Oct 3, 2012

Kaze no Stigma is a fun anime if you're interested into this genre. Battles, magic, comedy, kick-ass moments, KnS has it all.

The story is fair, not really impressive since for me it was predictable towards the end. The "main" plot starts later in the series as the first 3/4 is filled with random missions and somewhat fillers like hotspring episodes and so on. Even though the lack of main plot overall disappointed me, I found the story overall satisfying.

The characters are very nicely drawn, you can clearly see this is a 2007 anime. Effects are good, from flames to wind and other unleashed powers; plus the characters are drawn good enough for any fan to enjoy the art. Even though it's no better than other 2007 animes, it clearly has it's own attractiveness for me.

Not much to comment on this area, the sound is fair enough, soundtrack fits the mood all of the time and the opening song is quite catchy once you listen to it. I liked the idea of two ending songs/sequences since it changed with the atmosphere of the episode. Overall it was fine with me.

The characters were great, I loved them. KnS has it all: the tsundere, the athlete, the rich lady (from America, though speaks English like hell), the lolita and so on. To my surprise, the guys have cool personalities as well, the main lead taking the title of one of the most kick-ass characters, you're gonna like his style. Nothing else to say here, the characters are probably the strong point of this anime.

Overall I rounded up to around 8. I think it was pretty great and I don't regret seeing it. The main lead remains one of my favorite characters. It's a good thing they have an open end so I really hope for a sequel. That's about it.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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