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Toradora! Special

Aug 9, 2012

May contain spoilers-

Ahhhhh, Toradora! One of the animes that really made an impact on me, and after two years they released an OVA! You may be expecting some after story where Taiga could be pregnant (kinda hard for me to imagine though XD), she and Ryuuji are living in an apartment together or maybe even have kids! But much disappointment to a lot of people, it ain't. It's just another story of their everyday lives which could fit in perfectly if they placed this episode in the series. Some people could've gotten angry even. But I believe that this is a smart decision, to release a normal story than an after story one. There is that risk of instead of loving Toradora! more, the OVA could've shown an ending that we would not want because I believe the ending in the anime is already perfect as it is. So they released an OVA on a normal school story of their lives but still very enjoyable nonetheless.

Story: 9
So the story is about Ryuuji feeling at loss because Yuusaku's grandmother is beating him when it comes to making ben-tos. And so he tries to make better and better ben-tos but forgetting on why do you make ben-tos in the first place and who you make for it.

The story is fairly simple but still funny and comical.

Art: 8~
I don't really see and improvement in the art but still a relief to see the same old Toradora! style. Oh and I gotta mention the Taiga moe scenes are just...... HNGGGGGGGGGGGG

Sound: 9~
Ahhhhh, I had goosebumps when I heard the OP and ED, brings back so much memories ^^ I was not sure but I think the ED had some added content.

Character: 7~
For some reason some characters didn't feel the way they're suppose to feel in the manga and anime. It really wasn't that noticeable but they still had a very similar feel and it was still fun and enjoyable to watch.

Enjoyment: 10~
I'm pretty sure whatever kind of story they show us here, I'm still going to enjoy it because of the feeling of nostalgia of seeing the characters once more in their comic acts. And it was also fun seeing Ryuuji and Taiga once more developing romance and Minori hiding her true feelings at a certain part :3

Overall: 9~
It was fun watching it is all I could say ^^ and it is obviously worth watching, especially to die-hard Toradora! fans :)

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall

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aaronxmetal Oct 27, 2012

Sweet review man ^^ !