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Aug 6, 2012

When I saw the first episode, i was dying to write a review on it, but I knew it wasn't fair to write a review after just watching the first episode, so I forced myself to watch the second episode.

Story. 1.

How many times have you heard this story? Some nerd transfers into a new school, he's a loser and doesn't stand out, but somehow he gets surrounded by beautiful women who all want to have sex with him. Too many times to count. The story is overdone, and needs to stop.


If you look past the girls' overly large breasts, the art is...meh. It's your typical, neon colored hair, big eyed anime, but then the breasts...oh dear God. Yes, I don't mind having a character with big breasts in an anime, but there's a limit!

Sound. 5.

The opening song is cute, but nothing special. The voice acting is okay I guess, but my question is, what woman would want to voice act for this piece of crap?

Character. 1.

The characters are stale, and boring. The characters are only there to flash their panties or get caught into sexual situations. In my opinion, the characters are the most important part of a series, but unfortunately, that's where this story failed.

Etc. These are extra catagories I add to my reviews.

How they portray women. 1.

This series almost makes me ashamed to be a woman. All they do is trip, get covered in (plain) yogurt, and eat bananas in a very sexual way. I know the series was directed towards men, but come on! Not all men are this low!

Fanservice .1.

I don't mind fanservice, but this is crossing the line. One thing a lot of animes do with fanservice is that it's noticable, but it's not over the top. Eiken's fanservice is in your face, and it never ends. It never ends.

Overall, I hate this series. But, if you scrape the crap that covers this series, you do get a cure love story...a very cliche love story. I do not recomend this series to anyone.

1/10 story
2/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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