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My name is Hayden Sorrell and I came from the year 2036.

In my time, Steins;Gate anime was already completed about 25 years ago.

I came to this site from the future to review Steins;Gate before it was completed, after I completed it.

In my time, Steins;Gate (Both anime and the VN) is still immensely popular in the entertainment business. That is because that time travel came to existence a couple of years after both the VN and anime were completed.

However, only the government is controlling it in order to maintain world peace. In my time, CERN has taken control over the world government because they have invented a working time machine. I work for CERN that is controlling the government, therefore I can use a time machine freely.

I was sent here from the future with a mission. To review Steins;Gate before it was completed, after I completed it.

Now onwards to the review.

Steins;Gate is a visual novel that came first in the year 2009 for the XBOX360 and then in the year 2010 for the PC.
It was later adapted into a TV anime series in the year 2011, in the span of 24 episodes and 1 special episode that came in the year 2012.

A translation project for the visual novel began in the year 2011 and was finished in the same year.

Story: 10
The story revolves around Okabe Rintarou, a self-proclaimed mad scientist who has a lab. In this lab, he invents useless gadgets for fun. He spends his time with his friends who he claims are his lab members.

One day he manages to invent a microwave that can send text messages to the past. He preforms various experiments with this microwave.
But time travel is a tricky business, and he learns that the hard way.

The story has alot of twists and turns, and the anime has adapted the visual novel story perfectly without changing too much (I have also finished the translated visual novel).

Just when you think the story has become predictable, there is a twist or two to excite the mood.

After I watched the last episode, I yelled: "HOLY CRAP! WHAT A TWEEST!!"

Art: 9
The art is very different from the visual novel, but it's very solid. The art in the visual novel is done by Huke who is known for making unique art, but it's impossible to recreate it without rocketing the budget high up, hence it's understandable the art HAD TO BE CHANGED.

Unlike the visual novel, the art is a little grim but fits the anime perfectly.

Sound: 9
At the beginning of the anime, there are very few BGM to be found. You'll hear the sound of the Cicadas mostly. That is for the mood.
However after a few episodes,you'll hear beautiful Piano pieces and the main theme from the Visual Novel when shit gets real.

The voice acting is flawless, every voice actor fits to every character like a glove.

You can feel the emotion of the characters perfectly when they are happy, sad or shocked from the "TWEESTS" of the story.

I never skipped the Opening song or the Ending song. Never.

Itou Kanako who is known for her work with singing the Openings and Endings in Nitro+ game and visual novel titles and various anime adaptations preforms flawlessly in the Opening song "Hacking to the Gate".

The Ending song, named "Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku" is preformed by Sakakibara Yui who is known for singing various Opening and Ending songs, and an Inserted Song in the anime "Chaos;Head", and voice acting in Visual novels, eroge and anime adaptations. The song is very very different in contrast to the Opening song that keeps you fired up in each beginning of an episode, and is felt like a proper closure to each episode ending.

Character: 10
Okabe Rintarou - the most lovable mothefucker around. He is a little crazy, but that's what makes him the protagonist of all times.

Makise Kurisu - Okabe gives her a million nicknames, and that is used for the comic relief.
She's one of the main heroines of the story, and she's the only tolerable tsundere ever to be created.

Shiina Mayuri - TUTURU!~ the mascot of the show. You will either love her, or hate her. But she gets through some rough shit. Also one of the main heroines.

Hashida Itaru - He's fat. He likes computers, and both 2D and 3D. He's a super hacker. There are a couple of story twists that revolve around him.
What is there not to like about this cool guy?

Feiris Nyan Nyan - The only good moe character ever to be created. Nuff' said.

Amane Suzuha - ;_;

Kiryuu Moeka - Everyone hates her. You'll see why.

Urushibara Ruka - HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, MY HEART!!!!!!!!

Overall: 10
It's not a show for everyone. But if you like exciting Sci-fi shows, be sure to check it out. And be sure to read the Visual Novel when it will be translated at the same year. Don't miss it!

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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KamiUsagi says...

10 points for the review!

Nuff said

Sep 19, 2012