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Acchi Kocchi

Aug 5, 2012

“Um, m-marriage is where your life goes to drink.”
When I first saw this anime while browsing for brand new anime releases, this anime came into view. My first thoughts… Probably just one of those cliché anime comedy romances. Well I got the comedy romance part right, but the cliché part I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Forgive me Otaku God for calling this anime cliché *goes on hands and knees* The jokes are quite fresh and new, and the romance is so adorable your most likely going to die from potential blood loss coming out of your nose.

The plot is quite simple beyond beliefs; there is no complexity about it in anyway. Even a five year old can understand it. The anime is about the love between two high schoolers, and what fate awaits them. Well to put it simply all you’re watching is Io and Tsumiki’s relationship grow each and every episode, while at the same time, watching the other characters bug the heck out the both of them, mostly Tsumiki though. Even though this anime requires no extreme thought into understanding what the fudge it’s about, this anime is probably the only anime of its kind that has a perfect way of displaying plot development. Each and every episode, it shows a subtle amount of growth in a relationship from grabbing onto a coat to feeding your lover a spoonful of delicious goodness. This anime just isn’t about romance though; it also does a heck of a good job of making me choke from the amount of laughter produced. Sure not every part of this anime is so funny that it’s enough to make Grumpy from Snow White laugh, but hey I betcha a quarter that he would sniffle a giggle. Which means, whether you’re a Happy or a Grumpy you’re definitely going to laugh, giggle, snort, or even nose bleed when watching this comedy romance filled Heaven!

Soon to be lovers, Io and Tsumiki are the ideal anime couple of 2012 with their excellent way of showing character development! Each and every episode, one way or another, shows some tiny sign of character development which is definitely one of Acchi Kocchi’s proud strong points. Their budding relationship is so cute that it even puts Kamichama Karin’s Kazune and Karin’s adorable relationship to shambles! Now why don’t we highlight the extraordinary features of these soon to be lovers? Tsumiki is not your average tsundere, unlike most tsunderes she has that cool and collective attitude that boys go crazy for, however that’s not all; she has her cute side too which proves it with those kawaii cat ears that pop up now and again. Tsumiki is also a fantastic cook, adorable singer, and a super strong woman. There’s no doubt that she’s the ideal woman for most men! Now last but not least let us introduce the one the only, Io Otanoshi! Io may be quite oblivious to many things, but he makes up for it with those devilish good looks and charm that the Gods and Goddesses of Anime had blessed him with. Io like Tsumiki, is also a fantastic cook, but that’s not all, he’s also got the skills of a ninja! He’s every woman’s dream man! But that’s not at all, Acchi Kocchi also has Hime Haruno our nose bleeding princess, Sakaki the awesome pevert who is strangely similar to Yohei Sunohara, and Mayoi Katose the strange girl with a knack for technology.

If there is one thing I have learned from watching countless anime shows with a variety of different and yet unique art styles, I have come to the conclusion that the art style used in an anime should somehow fit the plot and genre of the anime. For example, in a horror anime, you need a somewhat mysterious and dark feel which will cause the hearts of its viewer a feel of slight uneasiness. In this case, however, you have a romance comedy anime with its goal being to somehow cause the hearts and souls of its viewers a feeling of relaxation, happiness, laughter, and adoration. To successfully put all these wonderful feelings together the animators had used an art style similar to that of Lucky Star’s. However, that is not all; the animators had also used graphics, effects, and the hearts and souls of those who love cute things too not only woo their viewers into a zombie like state in which people will stare adoringly at their computer screen, but also a near death experience where the viewer’s soul have somehow died and gone to a world of pure bliss.

“I don’t know anything about the meaning of love; I just want to look at you all the time.” That my anime friends are a small part of the cutesy lyrics to the anime’s opening “Acchi de Kocchi de.” Like most openings to animes the lyrics somehow in some way relate to the anime’s plot, cutesy and romantic for this one. The voice actors used in this anime are in no doubt, specialists. These seiyuus had successfully and utterly pulled down the red carpet and walked dazzlingly across it smilingly handsomely at all those other rejected seiyuus and said, “Tough luck kids, maybe next time.” Very unbelievable if I do say so myself that a few voice actors could be as so professional as to pull off the stupidity, cuteness, embarrassment, and all those other fanciful adjectives I type randomly just to make this paragraph longer. “If I grin and nyaa, I’ll know you’ll scratch my back.” And that was just extremely adorable lyrics to the anime’s ending song "Te wo Gyu Shite ne” which is just as adorable and pleasant as Tsumiki with her cat ears which I know most people are as so tempted to pull.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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Elmogamer Aug 17, 2012

you soulless moe bastard!