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Hi there.


I'm Kristen, and I'm a huge procrastinator so it's unlikely that a proper bio I can be proud of will ever end up on this page.

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turtleduck Aug 16, 2012

Mine is a late reply too sorry. Due to laziness and the fact I moved into my new apartment with my older sister. It is so much fun. We have a balcony, I still have my own room and I also get my own bathroom. There is a giant pool, one side goes to 8 feet, will stay away from that side since I can’t swim! And now we finally settle in. I clean and cook everyday while she studies for medical school. The fun thing I did this week was go to the anatomy lab with her and I got to see them study cadavers!! It creep me out at first then I got use to it. 

The basketball tournament went well. We got third surprisingly, we played on the same with some younger girls who wouldn’t guard right and we ended up losing against a team of some girls that I played with during the school year. They are good and it was a close game.

I told my parents that I need to get a job to support my life style so a doctor is what I aiming for. I start school next Monday and I am nervous. My first class is military fitness so we will see how that goes. And Spanish class will be easy, at least I think so, since I grew up in New Mexico, I grew up with friends who spoke Spanish so I know a little bit so far.

I wish it was an anime but I guess an OVA is better than nothing. Oh they updated Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi recently and it was about Kisa and it was so cute lol I loved it! There was also and update for Junjou Romantica, it was good but since the update took forever I forgot what happen before.

Yes the yaoi sci-fi is amazing but beware it is pretty graphic! But good.

I finally watched more anime this week and with another day I hope to finish two seasons of anime tomorrow.

Falling Skies show on TNT and the last episode of this season is this Sunday, don’t watch if you plan to watch the series because it will spoil so much.

I forgot the zombie book I was reading but I will find out because the beginning was pretty good. Never got to finish it since I had to turn it in.

I recently got a facebook, after saying I will never get one I got one to stay in touch with my friends and so far after having it I won headphones from Munito through a contest. They are headphones that are shaped like bullets so awesome!

I love long comments but mine is pretty short compared to yours. Mostly because I am tired and I still need to wash dishes. sorry for the delay.

turtleduck Jul 9, 2012

That is true, as long as we don’t stop replying its fine. Well this delay was because I went camping with my family for three days. I love camping because all I do all day is fish. And my cousin and I got a boat that we rowed around almost every day lol it was fun. The only downside was the mosquitoes. They were everywhere and I had bites all over. Also now I am really tan since I hate sun screen. It was a fun trip except on the last day we woke up at 5AM to come home to make it in time for a basketball tournament and man I was tired. I got coffee and it made it better.

I am aiming for the medical field there will always be jobs there but I am unsure on what I will do. Yeah I want to take the military fitness class to get in shape and stay in shape. And since I love reading military history books I can try to get in some shape. I had to change the Russian class to German since the only Russian class available was 10 minutes after the PE class. But now I might switch to Spanish after a huge fight that occurred earlier today about how I was wasting my time taking a “useless language” class according to my mom. I might change it back to German but who knows, she is paying for the really nice apartment so I might use her for awhile longer. I can always learn Russian and German later on in life. But for wanting to learn Russian is because I find the language and culture interesting. Being such a larger country and being so different I want to learn about Russia. And I always found the language interesting and pretty. And I joke about marrying someone Russian so who knows lol. I also don’t have much of a drive to learn Spanish.

Surprisingly I got an A in the math class lol. I kept checking my grade to see if it was a mistake but it wasn’t lol I must have did amazing on the final!

Lol it is funny how most people look forward to turning 18 for typical reasons such as lottery or tobacco, but we look forward to buying yaoi manga and anime. We sure are unique! And I am not sure about the new season. I have to look it up again. I don’t know if you know already but Rutta Kodama had added more chapters on.  It goes to chapter 21 and its so cute. I love it. I try to save a chapter once a week but sometimes I read two!! No.6 also updated today. Reading it right now and I love it!

Here something you might be interested in. I read this comic call Starfighter. It’s a yaoi sci-fi comic and its amazing. I love it so check it out if you have time.

Team Usami cause he is so romantic and cute lol. I finished this anime called Hourou Musuko today and I love it. The manga is also really good. I am trying to watch anime that go for 11 or 12 episodes just to build my watched list lol my Watched list is short and makes me look lame.

Lol you should try watching Falling Skies. I love it and the episode you watched is the 3rdepisode into the second season.l I was sad that the kid died. He was awesome.

Ohh Florida that sounds fun. I haven’t done anything but I had two friends go to Hawaii (they are twins). Other than that I sit at home bored reading zombie books and reading manga when I can. Never had sushi. Not a fish fan. If you don’t mind me asking but where are you from?

I will stop my self since this message is long lol!

turtleduck Jun 17, 2012

Ahh I am so sorry for the delay even though I told you I would comment back last Sunday well its Sunday but a week later lol

I lack motivation too but somehow I get up and do something. I was gone all last week because I was at the New Student Orientation for the university I am attending. I sat through boring lectures about stuff I already knew but I also signed up for classes. My two fun classes is a PE class that is military fitness. We will see if I last through that and the foreign language I am taking is Russian. Everybody keeps asking why Russian and I always say I want to marry someone Russian lol.

It would be awesome to go to Japan. I didn’t know it was so expensive but I bet it would be worth the cost just to go there. Going anywhere would be nice since I never been on a plane. My whole summer been boring. All I do is go to my math class at the collage every morning from 8AM to 10AM but luckily it ends this Tuesday but it’s also the day of my final, so I plan to study today and tomorrow.

Lol I don’t even remember what was going on last time we talked. So much has happen since then. Like I graduated from high school yay! Then It turned 18 whooo but have yet to do anything that only 18 years old can. I was planning to go and buy Junjou Romantic lol it’s been awhile since I last said those words. Oh how I miss it.

Other than that I haven’t seen any anime in awhile except for an episode of Kuroko no Basket. But I do watch this show called The Legend of Korra. Have you seen it? I love and it’s amazing also another of my favorite shows is starting again tonight which is called Falling Skies. The show reveals my sci-fi loving side. Been reading some manga though like Bleach, Naruto, Freezing, Kuroko no Basket and Welcome to Room #305, which I recommend because it’s hilarious lol

So how has summer been going for you?

jualseta Jun 13, 2012

Haha so it doesn't matter how long or short the comment, I just end up taking my sweet time ;_; hope you don't mind xP And I'm glad you were okay! Wow technology can be annoying like that. Good to know your technical difficulties are sorted ^^ My life is ... still crazy but less so than before. No regular school helps. Just taking a couple classes and they're not very time consuming. So yay. How're you doing? Enjoying summer? Or still in school?

Haha I got annoyed at the characters A LOT in lovecom. But it turned out okay ^^ Another sucked =/ I did watch the OVA though, and that was better than the anime.

Did you end up finishing Persona 4? I got so busy, I pretty much wasn't watching anime in April... but now I'm back and watching a whole lot at once. xD Are you watching anything good these days?

Ohh Shiki and Steins;Gate are both recommended on my part, though I liked steins better. ^^

turtleduck Jun 9, 2012

I know its been so long. I will send you a longer message later on, maybe tomorrow. I just came back from a basketball tournament, which we won, and I am so tired. And I have a feeling the message I will write you will be very long lol I am so glad that you came back!! And I love your claimed character and couple (I loved that manga, it was so cute)