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Tsukiumi says...

You'r half right i was a littel iritated but it wasn't becouse of stupidity it was becouse of the lack of information/misunderstanding of what ecchi really means. And a lot of people think that it is like a soft version of hentai.

Technically ecchi and hentai mean pervert in japaness so ecchi being the lesser so it's sorta right but in the anime world it normally means Hentai=porn Ecchi=nudity/sectual theams

There is no such thing as an anime expert. the fact that you admited that you feal like your wrong is good enough to get me to forget that there was even any argument in the first place, I comend you for your honesty. and that was a really long responce time like like 5 months but that's okay at least we still ended up talking to each other

Also...I'm..Sorry too.

May 17, 2012
Tsukiumi says...

I'm not trying to start some thing here but the definition of ecchi is nudity and sectual situations not to be confused with harems witch are when three or more girls go after the same guy combined they are what you think is ecchi

Dec 23, 2011
Tsukiumi says...

well i don't go out of my way to watch a show just becouse its ecchi but i don't stop my self from watching one just becouse they are considerd ecchi. and if they are on netflix then i watch them when my computer is being dumb or if i can't sleep or something but i generally like them

Dec 3, 2011
Tsukiumi says...

So then you meen more like Girls Bravo you havn't watched that one and it has to be what you would consider an ecchi and if not i would be surprised

Dec 2, 2011
Kokoos says...

I would rather say that there are an events that can be explained as an ecchi. But the main anime is not about eechi. More likely to be a adventure, magic and action. Clear Ecchi is where you get the girls as a main purpose .

Nov 29, 2011