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Memorable anime list (The kind of anime that will always remain in my heart) 

1. Akame Ga Kill (One of the best anime ever made, wish there was a contiunation)

2.One Punch Man (Truly an anime which stood out from the rest, without even trying)


3.Attack on Titan (Anime which proved that one can be both action based and emotional)

4. Dragon Ball Z (Classic, not much more to say

5. Mirai Nikki (A pretty old anime, but with some of the most original plot ever created, must see )

6. Angel Beats! (Cried couple of times watching this, would cry some more if I was to watch it again, THE BEST)

7. Gosick (For some reason I like this anime, its simple, logical, has a real good yet simplistic story)


8.Kiss x Siss (The best ecchi I've ever seen in my opinion, the definition of ecchi lies within this anime)

9. Zero no Tsukaima (A story based on a fairy tale, a fine anime to watch, and a fine one to keep in your soul)

10. Death Note (Very gothic, dark anime, but with a really interesting story, must watch if you like anime with good kick)

Death Note wallpaper

11. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (I always liked anime which focused on just few characters, this one does it perfectly well. I just like it, its one of the finest)

12. Green Green (The first ecchi I have ever watched, some anime are better left untouched, this is one of them. Overall a great ecchi

13. Kanokon (the second ecchi I have ever watched, it was part of my childhood, and it will remain like this for the rest of my life)

14. Golden boy (This anime is old but gold. It has a nostalgic touch to it of 90's. This anime proves that it's not all just about the look)

15. Sword Art Online (Sword Art Online is simply a masterpiece, it would be a sin to even justify why, just watch it)

16. Naruto (We all know it, its the second biggest anime to Dragon Ball, and I simply like it

17.  Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (Original characters, original story, original approach and original design, for these reasons I like it )


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Tsukiumi Dec 2, 2011

So then you meen more like Girls Bravo you havn't watched that one and it has to be what you would consider an ecchi and if not i would be surprised

Tsukiumi Nov 29, 2011

But demon king daimao is a ecchi

Tsukiumi Nov 28, 2011

When im board i like to look at new users and see what they watch and if i notice that they watch some genra more then others i try to recamend a show that they might like. and its fun to randomly send messages to people to start conversations