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Hey all, I am Kojema. My friend Migandas invited me to this awsome site today so I am glad to be here. Just updated the list of anime I have watched, and will be by the forums in a minute.

But I really don't know what to post in here. I am pretty cool, and I love games and anything Japanesse like the rest of you guys. And you have to go to the ACEN convention, it was so fun. o.o.

I currently am helping a make a Bleach influenced MMO. It is still in development. www.deathgodsonline.com

I'll update it in a while. So cya in a while.

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Migandas avatar Migandas


Feb 15, 2010

I have been better my friend, I have been better...

How about you?

Migandas avatar Migandas


Dec 10, 2008

Today I am leaving for an 8 day trip to Egypt. I will be back at 19/12 and I will try to have all my photo's and video's I will make up at 20/12 so look forward to it. :D


Migandas avatar Migandas


Nov 14, 2008


Where are you lately? You never come to Kug, not do I see you online at YIM... I guess things went even worse after the last time I talked to you... And post an update on Kug if you got the time... Blood is worried as well...


Bloodfire666 avatar Bloodfire666


Jul 12, 2008
argona avatar argona


Apr 18, 2008

*Giggles*Hello Jin-san!found u!^^

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