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Sword Art Online

Feb 13, 2013

When word that an anime adaptation of the manga Sword Art Online in production, fans of the manga were all over the internet with rabid anticipation.

As they put it, the story was good, the characters great, and that it was one of the best manga to come out in recent years.

Well the anime has come and gone and I have been left scratching my head wondering: What was all the fuss about?

The first half was promising enough, even though the plot bodered dangerously on the generic. Animation was above average, the main character was not the typical anime wimp and there were even some cool boss battles.

So far so good. Then the second half came around.

From the hilariously abrupt romance between our hero and heroine to the cliches that started rearing their ugly head, SAO rapidly descended into generic mediocrity.

Animation quality dropped, whole episodes were devoted to boring filler and in the end when the laughably unthreatening "main villain" revealed his ridiculous plan for world domination (Snore...), it became very clear:

SAO the animation is a total failure.

Having never read the manga, I do not know whether the source material is this lame but based on the anime, SAO is just another generic addition to the already saturated fantasy genre.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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