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My Super Amazing Awesome Rating Scale:

5 Stars: Masterpiece.

3.5 to 4.5 Stars: Not necessarily a masterpiece, but a damn good show. Represents a great series of the specific genre.

3 Stars: Average show. Nothing that really stuck out, but nothing that made the show a failure either.

1.5 to 2.5 Stars: Show did not meet my standards as a decent anime. Either it was just a show leeching off another show's popularity, or just filled with filler and plot deviation.

1 Star: No, just no. This constitutes a show that completely fails in my eyes, or a show I could not stand to finish.

My scale ranges from from 1 to 5. This means the average show will be rated 3 stars. Half a star is used for anime that falls beneath my standards of a watchable anime.

.5 Star: If a show has been given half a star, it consitutes a show I could not finish (or barely made it through in the case of a 1 episode ova) because it was that bad. I would only recommend these shows as a form of torture.

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sothis Jan 11, 2011

Sorry for the huge delay in updating your name ;_; but it's done now!