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On a personal level I'm rather uninteresting. I'm extremly lazy and unmotivated and am quietly proud of that fact resulting in a severe obsession with procrastination. I accept change and pressure with a shrug; everything tends to work out eventually, hence why procrastination works so well. I play video games, play soccer, sea kayak, scuba dive, volunteer, and watch anime. Spiders freak me out. I've never been to an anime convention but then I haven't really paid attention to whether or not any actually happen here. I've run out of random things to say about myself.

I generally prefer shounen, comedies, and action/adventures and can do without harems, yaoi, most mecha, and any anime with animal protagonists. I cut my anime teeth on Naruto, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh so forgive me if I don't dismiss popular animes as necessarily garbage like some anime snobs do. I have something of an affliction in that I find myself almost incapable of dropping an anime regardless of how much I dislike it so, if nothing else, I tend to end up with a full picture of the anime that I watch. In fact the only animes that I've "dropped" were ones where I happened to catch a few episodes on television and didn't bother following up. Knowing that I have trouble abandoning poor animes and moving on, I realize that I'll likely never finish my constantly growing list of "Want to Watch" anime, which, in part, makes me happy. I'm thoroughly enjoying anime at the moment and am thrilled to see the truly staggering library that is out there waiting for me.

At this phase in my anime experience my favorite anime has got to be Toradora!. I normally don't like romances (anime or otherwise) as they typically remind me of my own follies and drag up old, unwanted memories, but Toradora! is the first, and to date only, romance that has finished with me feeling better than when it started. No matter how jaded you have become Toradora! will have you believing that true love exists once more, as corny as that may sound. Simply put, watching Toradora! is one of those rare experiences that give you a new perspective and legitimately affects you in a deep and meaningful way.

As for my least favorite anime ever, that honor belongs to Hamtaro. I don't think a reason is really needed there. My least favorite anime that I haven't dropped? 07-Ghost. A decent first episode followed by 20 episodes of some yaoi emo walking around in a church capped off by 4 episodes of hectic nonsensical chaos and a finale that served more as a TV ad for the next season than as any sort of plot builder does not a good anime make. You'd think that'd be obvious, eh?

And in case I get some strange looks for my 5 star and 4.5 star scores for Nartuo / Shippuden and Bleach respectively, I must make it perfectly clear that those ratings exclude the huge amount of useless filler in both series. My justification for this is two-fold. First, in a completely self-serving manner, I did not want to give bad scores to either show as I am a huge fan of both. Second, there is no reason why anyone should be watching the filler anyways. I did because of my inexplicable need to finish everything I start that I mentioned before, but others should be able to just skip it. It adds nothing to the plot and exhibits some terrible scriptwriting and storytelling (except for maybe the Bount arc in Bleach which was passable). So if the filler exists outside the plot of a series, it hardly seems fair to include it in a rating of that series.

With respect to my reviews, I suppose I should I should add a caveat here. Sorry my reviews are bereft of humor, but I'm woefully unimaginative.

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1 Day: Episode 45 of Pokemon (2000)

1 Week: Episode 4 of Bleach (2008)

1 Month: Episode 14 of Eureka Seven (February 3, 2011)

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WittyKatts Aug 26, 2010

I see where you're coming from. Even if I don't completely agree though, your review was a lot of fun to read. xD I'll give you that much.

Haha, okay, I agree with you that the pink haired boy in a guys arms was a bit shounen ai-ish. xD I completely forgot about that.

yasmin09 Aug 5, 2010

Hello ^^ I just had to say I wholeheartedly agree with you on Toradora. It is probably my favorite anime romance comedy to date. And this may seem random, but I also have a huge fear of spiders as well. Not sure though since I can't remember having a tragic experience with them so I guess that makes it an irrational fear for me.

TheMajor5 Feb 27, 2010

Dude, I think your bio just made the rest of my 2 hour day here.  Let me start by saying I met you from the kid below this comment.

On another note, props to you man, it seems you will write reviews well. Other than that we have nothing in common so that's all I felt like saying. well maybe the fact that harem sucks, Hamtaro was the worst animal protagonist anime there is, total bogus, and that "gay anime" should be banned. Last one was a joke, but it is gross.  Well anyways good luck putting any sort of dent in that overly huge "want to watch" list.

MangaloverAl Feb 1, 2010

hey there, you may wonder why i added you lol.I read your toradora review and felt very relieved to see someone actually felt the same :p.The anime really touched me and so did your review :).I feel kinda empty now but i always get that after having finished a good romance anime ride :p.anyway, many thanks for the great review 

Galadriel Nov 3, 2009

Thanks for the comment :D i appreciate your opinion about it and yes you are kinda right about Yuji but as a whole this anime was kinda well made.

Ofc if we talk about everything in detail for sure we find many holes in it i mean every anime has a weak spot but idk how to explain i just liked it that much :D i think u can understand me.

Still i do appreciate your comment and also im very glad that you like how i make my reviews.Just some days ago i observed that from posting pictures or videos (AMVs especialy) with a random anime you can make people watch it and love it.

Ill be making more reviews since ive seen many animes but ofc when i have time.

~Cya around~