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It's Starting to Heat up

25 FEB

As the weather decides what it is doing my Anime is getting better with every episode. I am really enjoying Gosick. It drew me in the first few episodes. The more I learn the more I am intrigued by Victorique and her shrewed origins. I was enthralled by the last episode that her and Kujo would be seperated and that it was not there time. And not to mention I am encahnted by the voice actress she is the same one that did Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund which is one of my favorite characters of all time and the voice actor does such a good job of giving such a petite woman personality not in neccesarily whiney type of way very regal and source of command with cute hot headed moments!

I'm also getting into IS I'm usually not a big fan of harem anime (Tenchi Muyo being the only onw I will tolerate) but I am enjoying IS. I find my self rooting for Charles now Charlotte but I think the other two girls english and german chick turned too fast it just took him to beat them and now they are head over heels. Atleast Houki and girl from China are childhood friends. Charlotte seems to like him because he keeps her secret and treats her nicely. It as of now is holding my interest.

I am a bit confused by Level E now. I am still enjoying it but I do think Prince Baka's antics are too crazy. I want it to go back to how it was in the beginning or get some more linear story telling. I will keep watching. It is interesting nonetheless.

I am also enjoying Dragon Crisis. i think the story line is cute and gives some interesting side stories.

That's where I am as of now! Until next time ;-)


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